Jiro's Items/Equipment

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Jiro's Items/Equipment

Post by Hawkeman92 on Sat Dec 12, 2009 11:17 pm

Jiro has many items and usually selects the ones he needs depending in the mission he is taking. He usually doesn't have much of a quantity of his things because of his power.

Gun |
Stock: 1

Bullets |
Stock: 9

Sword |
Stock: 1

Dynamite |
Stock: 1

Jiro's Ointment |
Jiro's Ointment that was created by his ancesters who were alchemists. This ointment is the only thing in the family that Jiro's ancesters made that has been passed down. This ointment stops bleeding and increases the rate that wounds heal. It heals 20 Health per post for 5 posts.
Stock: 2 ( 3 uses for each. 5 uses left.)

Stock: 3 tubes

Stock: 6

Iron Ball
Stock: 3


Items with | next to them are Items Jiro has brought on the mission.

More later
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