The Traitors return

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The Traitors return

Post by Holiday on Sat Dec 19, 2009 5:46 am

Kaluoshen flew on Rappa to the holy grounds, the place where he fell from grace. Kaluoshen dismounted Rappa and walked through the holy grounds. Kaluoshen noticed the glances of the scholars and priests. He continued to walk down until he reached the Holy Church. Cecily and Elena exited the spiritual plain and followed in the march to the church doors. Kaluoshen walked through the holy halls and noticed a robed man sit upon a throne. A number of Templars moved into the way of Kaluoshen and his supporters and were cut down by Elena and Cecily.

"Pope" Kaluoshen said with a casual tone "You have aged quite a bit"

"Who are you?" The Pope asked "No one is allowed here in the holy grounds"

"Well I should be allowed, I was born here after all" Kaluoshen replied

"That is impossible, the only ones born here are Adam and Eve"

"I am not either of those but I was in fact born here" Kaluoshen argued "Right after I fell from heaven"

"No, then you are..." The Pope said with a frightened look on his face and saw look of Kaluoshen's eyes. "Guards come quickly! The Devil and his spectres have come to destroy the holy land"

The Templars soon surrounded Kaluoshen and his family, they all activated their body enhancers and attacked. Kaluoshen dodged their attacks and unleashed his swords. He beheaded and halved hundreds of Templars. Rappa was simply crushing them with his hooves and then moved to bow form to be held by his sister. Cecily grabbed Rappa and shot at numerous Templars square in the eyes, she then used her cleaver to crush and bash apart the Templars that got too close. Elena used her longsword and danced around the Templars like they were nothing. The family soon destroyed the remaining attackers and Kaluoshen moon bounced in front of the Pope, who fell back in his chair.

"Now tell me, where is the blade?!" Kaluoshen demanded, holding his blade to the Pope's throat. "I don't have all day"

"It is in the 'Heart'" The Pope replied

"What is the 'Heart'?" Kaluoshen asked

"You will have to find that out for yourself" The Pope laughed

Kaluoshen let go of the Pope and left the church. The Pope was laughing behind him.

"You have made an enemy you do not want to have today" The Pope yelled behind him

Kaluoshen looked back.

"We have always been enemies" Kaluoshen said coldly

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