A Small Break

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A Small Break

Post by Concealer on Sat Dec 19, 2009 6:13 am

Sirix came up the stairs and turned right to face the first door. It was convinient that her room was nearby the staircase. She opened it, and entered. It was still unused since she left Central immediately. She looked at her backpack which was on the bed; she had put it there but hadn't touched it since. She thought to leave the unpacking for later and opening her backpack to get the few things she needed for the mission. Let's see... my ink pen... some spare bandages... a book in case I get bored... Sirix put them inside a small pack which she attached to her belt. That's everything.

She looked at the clock, still some time before meeting with the others. She grabbed a random book from her backpack and read the rest of the time.
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