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Post by Areos on Sat Jan 23, 2010 5:55 pm

Here there will be several people displayed that are being searched by bigger Organisations, mainly Witchhunters.
These people will either be wanted dead or Alive and will bring money once they're handed in (or at least a bodypart that works as evidence of his death in some cases.)

if you want to have people added to this list please contact me, a mod or an OP.

Name: Arkrius Wallace/Valfred Barras Atherton
Nickname: /
WANTED: preferable alive
reward: 1500 kyi
location: currently Central, expected to flee south (destination unsure)
threat level: A-Class
reason for being wanted: confidental
additional info: supported by several dangerous individuals

Name: Pila Gianna
Nickname: The kameleon
Reward: 200 kyi
Location: Last known location the files room in East Hq, just before the zombie outbreak.
Threat level: C-Class
Reason for being wanted: Stole profile data of high ranking officers, murder of 2 grey-class
additional info: She is said to go up in air, she seems to have masking capabilitys. Her supporter is not known yet the possibilty is high she has one.

Name: Vlad Raspoetin
Nickname: The bloody lance
Reward: 250 kyi
Location: Location unknown
Threat level: B-Class
Reason for being wanted: killing 40 grey-class 20 green-class 9 blue-class and a black-class.
additional info: A crusader who has slain over 70 Witch hunters over the years, he slays them for his god. Which is the witches.

Name: Chueng Li Noa
Nickname: Liquid Snake
WANTED: Dead or Alive
Reward: 300 kyi
Location: location unknown
Threat level: B-Class
Reason for being wanted: Destruction of the town located on a desolate island in the south sea, Killing of a sqaudron of Witch Hunters.
additional info: Due to unknown reasons a small island was wiped out by his hands, killing several witch hunters present during the attack. What started the fight and the reasons for the killing of so many innocents has never been comfirmed. Therefore a small bonus of 50Kyi was promised to who could deliver Chueng to the central Judgement hall.

Name: Unknown
Nickname: Number 64
Wanted: Dead or Alive
Reward: 500
Location: Unknown but last seen in the Forrest of Annuo.
Threat Level: A-Class
Reason for being wanted: Performed an attack of the WH train and Caused some heavy damage. Potential threat and it is unknown where he will strike next or at all.
Additional Info: Seems to be invulnerable to any sorts of attacks, which makes him so dangerous. This however is not entirely confirmed.

Name: Nero Jagara
Nickname: Devil swordsman
reward: 500 kyi
location: last seen at Central
threat level: A-Class
reason for being wanted: Killing of large portion of medical staff, murder of several witch hunter employes
additional info: He fleed for unknown reasons, due to a special bodily build wanted alive for examination

Name: Xan
Nickname : Fire Lord
WANTED: Dead or Alive
reward: 1500 kyi
location: Unknown
threat level: S-class
reason for being wanted: For attacking and killing several members of WH, for destruction of many properties of WH. Assault on many officers of WH
additional info: Xan is unknown for almost everything, but is not one to be underestimated. He has been able to defeat several White Class individuals and he is assumed that his power continues to grow.

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Re: WANTED list

Post by Crimson Moon on Thu Feb 11, 2010 11:05 am

Well since we have a list for enemy's of witch hunter's, here will be a list for the enemy's of the anti-witch hunters. maybe when i think it out you the playersd them selves can place bounty's on peoples heades (aka people other then your self or your npc's) but for now the same as ussual:

threat level:
reason for being wanted:
additional info:
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