Time for a New Dawn

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Time for a New Dawn

Post by Artist on Tue Jan 26, 2010 7:21 pm

(All of the following happens while Tracey was on the mission of Myrill)

Master Larkin and Master Maya were walking threw the town of Thoron, two of the strongest white classes of their time. Despite Maya's tough side she had a thing for shopping in big towns. So Thoron was just the place, Larkin was dragged along so his time was horrible. Even though partners in every way, neither one of them could hide their feelings for each other. Since Larkin like Tracey was ladies man of sorts, he never thought of having a actual relationship with Maya. Maya was to caught up in fighting and shopping to think of such things.

They continued to walk threw the streets of Thoron passing by simple civilians. Looking threw windows, the Maya dragging Larkin to each store of her choosing. They acted like teenagers, this would be the only time for that. The life of a white class is almost never free. Coming out of stores with piles of shopping bags in Larkin's hands. His face wouldn’t show it but he was actually enjoying himself.

"Maya don’t you think this is enough, for now. Lets head back to headquarters." Larkin said looking at the sky. He could tell something was not right. "Actually never mind... do you feel that."

"Feel what, I don’t see anything Larkin. The only thing I see is the way you look at me. When you think I don’t see you." Maya said very seductively, rubbing Larkin's chest. In fact Maya's sensing skills were total crap, compared to Larkin's. Something was wrong she just couldn’t careless about it. For the simple fact that she could not see it.

Larkin ignored what he had felt, he looked at Maya in her eyes. "Your to funny Maya." Larkin said walking some more. He decided it was best to stay in town, just in case something would happen. He was in fact right something did happen. A strong and heavy mist came over the entire town, quite fast. The air became more chilling suddenly. Both Larkin and Maya looked up now.

Something was most definitely wrong.
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