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Temporary Infermary

Post by Crimson Moon on Tue Feb 02, 2010 10:45 pm

Lycan walked into a large hall that seems to have been the catine until a few weeks ago. Folding beds where placed all over the place and injured WH and workers lay everywhere on them. Lycan looked at the description and followed it till she hit a bed that had been placed n the corner. On top of it a man was on it a confused and disoriented look was on his face as he cried Fenrir over and over. "Mishter do you know anything about thish Fenrir?" She looked at him as he squirmd at the sound of Fenrir.
"its no use little missy" A tall WH with an dark and distant look on his face sat on his bed "He hasn;t said a single word except for Fenrir"
"And why ish mister here, you don sheem hurt"
"Well all WH stationed here where to help rebuild and as something like that seems to troublesome i 'injured' myself" He grinned as he pointed at his foot which was in plaster "But i might be able to help you" He got up and stood on his 'injured' leg "I can read minds but i hate it, people are fake they think complete doffrent things from what they mean" He looked at her "Yet for some reason i can't read yource" He had a tense look on his face "So as i was getting bored ill help"
"Thanx i wants to know what he saw to get like this" She turned to the Guy and looked in his eyes "Now Tellsh Lycan about Fenrir"
the man seemed to be having a nightmare when he was clear awake. The mind reading guy turned Pale and not 5 seconds after Lycan had said Fenrir, the mind reader vommited "This....this....Miss why would you wanna search for something like that? "
"Never mind that, where? " Lycan looked at the mind reader with piercing eyes "North of the ruins of Asgard" With those words he lost conciousness "What could be that horrible? Fenrir was your father wasn;t he Inu?"
yes but i have never met him only as a small cub had i heard his name, it might be better to say his mana was what produced me. It might be time to explain my excistence, I am the one who was created by the combining of the Four Hounds mana.
W-What? o well , she might not have been ready yet

Satisfied Lycan walked to the rim of the platform and jumped across "Time to head back" She grinned and Inu appeared in his ussual Blood-red glow and Lycan jumped ontop of him "LETS GO" and with a blur they dissappeared.
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