Meeting up (P1)

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Meeting up (P1)

Post by Areos on Sat Feb 13, 2010 10:31 pm

Leneor was awoken by a ray of sunlight - the weather had changed drastically, from the winter to spring. The sun was bright, and a shallow breeze wa giving the room a cold embrace. It was not yet truly warm thanks to the wind, but spring had finaly set in.

Leneor jumped out of bed and took a shower, after being finished he got dressed and fully equipped himself, looking at his room. Takamichi had taken himself the right to add a few small things to the room, like a board of 10 throwing knives, a few Kards below, also a small vase standing on the table. next to it were a couple of papers, weightened down with a pen and several erasers, so they wouldnt lift off due to Leneors allways open windows.
A decorative picture hang at one wall, showing the hotspring from Northern HQ, next to it anotherone with the greens of eastern Grasslands.
Leneor took off and left the by now somewhat liveable room. Before he had picked up a few sheets with diffrent missions Takamichi left on his table.

He moved down to the big lake close to Headquaters, it was nothing to that at eastern, but it was a nice place to meet up.

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