Return of the Demon Lord

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Return of the Demon Lord

Post by Starkiller on Sun Feb 14, 2010 5:11 am

Draco and the demons flew back to Agma Sogul after a long campaign. They had successfully made a good trip, for both supplies and resources. They had collected most of Garuga, besides the ones that were beyond repair, with their souls no yet taken by the reaper, they had recovered many women from the Garuga and Tortuga trips, they also have many good strong pirates. They landed onto the desert sands and walked down the ramp with their spoils.

Draco walked by the demons and humans coming to greet them. The Gorgons immediately began to inspect the women, they were searching for the best. The Shrieks inspected the women as well and took the children to be cleaned and groomed. The men started to resist, some tried to run but were easily captured, one tried to attack Draco, raising his fist in a threatening manner, Draco lifted the man into the air, he lifted him high, turned him upside down and dropped him, letting his neck crack as he crashed to the ground. The Shrieks picked him up and took him away. The other men stopped resisting and grudgingly walked into the city.

Draco walked into the city himself, being followed by the golems who were carrying his Valkyries to his room.
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