Starkillers Speech

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Starkillers Speech

Post by Starkiller on Sun Feb 14, 2010 8:47 am

Draco stood above the arena on a judging booth, waiting for the abducted humans to gather onto the grounds. The entire audience was filled with citizens of Agma Sogul. He walked to the edge and looked down at the men and women. He lowered his ledge down to a more manageable and fitting height.

"Welcome to Agma Sogul, I hope you have received the respect you deserve during your stay here" Draco announced. The abducted started to scream and curse at Draco, who ignored this and continued to speak. "I wish to extend a hand and ask you join us in our cause, to have rights for all creatures, including humans, against WH"

"You abducted us from our homes, destroyed our belongings. How are you different from them?" One of the abducted yelled out, others yelling in agreement

"We did that in order to bring you here, no one would believe that demons want peace, that they can live in harmony with humans. We brought you here to show you the goodness they are capable of. Every citizen you see and all the ones you do not are all free and willing members of our cause. We wish for demons to be embraced by society and we wish for peace, WH is in the way of that peace. I know that none of you are fans of WH, you have had their laws thrust upon you, but you shook them off and became a free society on your own, we are the same, only difference is in our species. WH has stretched their influence in places that have had people living by their own rules for centuries and destroyed their culture. We ask that you join us, we will not force you to stay, we will not transform you without consent, we will help you rebuild if you wish" Draco relayed his speech, one spoke from the heart. "I request you help us build a peace and future that will help give us all better lives, make a society that accepts all, you have seen what they are capable of, you have seen how they feel, you have seen that despite their differences, some have been able to find love. So I say right here, if any of you wish to leave, please step forward."

After hearing that, no one moved an inch.

"Thank you for your support, now, you are free to leave and move around the town, several quarters are set up for you in certain areas, but please abide by the laws" Draco said as his platform raised up and he walked away to his quarters. "May Agma Sogul treat you well"

The crowd cheered for Draco, believing that he was indeed the great leader he claimed to be. The abducted cheered as well for the same reason.
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