Citizen Interaction- Stone Art

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Citizen Interaction- Stone Art

Post by Starkiller on Sun Feb 14, 2010 8:15 pm

Several women came to the Gorgon's museum, the Gorgons came to greet them. The women closed their eyes, to the confusion of the gorgons, who then began to laugh. One ceased laughing and smiled.

"Don't worry, we aren't those types of gorgons, our ability takes much longer to uses, we can't turn you to stone with a gaze"

The models sighed a breath of relief. The representative of the women came forward, a beautiful young woman with short red hair and an amazing figure. She looked at the Gorgons in the eyes and she realized they were telling the truth.

"Umm..." She began nervously, something that the Gorgons took with pleasure when they awwed and cooed at the nervous and embarrassed women. "We came because we were models and we learned that you are the artists of the city, we would like to stay here as models"

"Hmm interesting" the gorgon pondered "Well, are you guys willing to stay here forever, being a gorgon model is a life time thing, you don't get paid, but you get the finest of cuisine and the best rooms and treatment, but you cannot leave the museum unless your gorgon artist lets you"

"Do we have to become stone statues?"

"Yes that is usually the case, or you can spend time as servants, we don't make you statues forever, you still need to be fed even as statues, we'll take good care of you"

"Well, we have nothing else in our lives other than art, so we agree to these terms"

"Excellent, Sisters, you may choose who you wish for models, I will take this one" The gorgon said as she took away the representative.

They arrived in a room, the woman look around in awe at the room, it was filled with statues of women, but some women were standing at attention. They all bowed when they saw the gorgon slither in.

"Welcome back Mistress" the women said in unision

"Thank you ladies" The gorgon said as she sat down on her bean bag chair. "Come sit"

"Yes" The woman said, sitting down adjacent to the gorgon

"Now what is your name?"

"Anna" The woman replied

"That is a nice name, I am known as Orcid, I am what people call the gorgon queen, I am the daughter of Medusa"

"Nice to meet you"

"So what now, I've noticed that some of these girls have a symbol on their forehead, even the statues"

"That is the mark of the contract, all women who become statues are bound by this, some of my servants don't have this because they refuse to be statues, the symbol makes them follow our commands"

"Isn't that mind control"

"No, I have told them all the concequences, they all agreed to abide by it, the symbol shows their loyalty, we Gorgons enjoy statues of willing subjects, refusing or terrified statues are passe, so I ask you, will you completely devote yourself to art?" Orchid spoke thoroughly

Anna thought this over for a while she sat and thought of the pros and cons of the contract. She knew that there was nothing left for her, so she smiled and looked at Orchid. "Yes"

"Very good, now I need you to take off all your clothes and wear this" Orchid smiled as she held out a very revealing outfit.

Anne changed into the clothes, she stood and waited for Orchids opinion.

"Very nice, it looks ravishing on you"

"Thank you"

"Now I need you to pose, like this" Orchid demonstrated

"Like this?"

"Yes very good, now..." Orchid said as she moved behind Anna "This is your last chance to back out"

"No I'm willing to do this, I will devote myself to this art"

"That is what I like to hear" Orchid said as she groped Anna "Don't worry, I'll make it feel nice"

Anna stood in her pose embarrassed, she began to feel her control over her body weaken, she felt more submissive. She was being transformed, her body petrified. The 3 sign appeared on her head as her pupils turned yellow.

"Does it feel good?"

"Yes it does Mistress" Anna said as her last words before she was turned completely into stone, a statue and slave to her gorgon mistress.

(This post explains the picture for the gorgons in Draco's Army post)
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