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Appearence and information

Post by Crimson Moon on Tue Feb 23, 2010 5:17 pm

An ancient series of temples that was forgotten but rediscovered by Draco Starkiller and his demons. The demons live freely in within it's walls, humans all roam through as well, both parties have learned to mingle and have fun together, some demons even end up with humans as couples. The people who live there are happy, but they know of the goals of their leader, Draco Starkiller, they know that he wishes for the destruction of WH, but most don't care, they too hate WH and help out the soldiers as much as they can. Some women live as statues and servants for the gorgons, some men help the demons on other jobs, there are schools which educate demon and human children alike. Other members of different races such as Dwarfs and Elves. They all work together to make a better city.

The laws of Agma Sogul

1. There is no violence other than that in the colosseum

2. No Unauthorized personnel are admitted to go into the Brooding Chamber, Forges, or Draco's quarters

3. Their is no touching the trophies in the Inner Woods
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