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Annastasia Romanov Techs

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Annastasia Romanov Techs

Post by Crimson Moon on Sun Mar 21, 2010 11:12 pm

Battle mode:

Name: Armor
Description: the armor can be aplied in diffrent forms, 5 special armor types.
V 1. Fiery Strings: a bright red armor that burns any organical material that makes contact with it.
V 2. Earth Bound: a black armor that makes it as hard as diamond yet as flexible as elastic
V 3. Electric Eel: a Yellow armor that stuns the enemy's who touch it and ups the reflects of the wearer
V 4.
V 5.
Mana Cost: [make your own, mods will edit if they see higher cost neccessary]
Health Deduction: [none/small/medium/high/very high(specials)]


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