Rain's Technique

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Rain's Technique

Post by Frost on Sun Mar 28, 2010 5:40 am

Magic spells

Name: Cavus
Description: A portal cappable of transporting objects to another location, it doesn't tires Rain, depending on how much mana is needed the portal can either be big or small. Multiple portal can also be open but it doesn't duplicate the object that enters it. It can also control the direct landing of the object that it enters.
Mana Cost: 1-200

Name: Dimensional wall
Description: Creates an invisible wall before Rain, capable to hold off the strongest attack but once it breaks it'll become temporary useless.
Mana Cost: 40

Name: Chrono Cross
Description: Rain's own body becomes intertwine with Jack's dimension making her body temporarily untouchable.
Mana Cost: 20 per post

Bullet creation. Limited as to how many she has in stock


Name: Thanatos
Description: Rain creates a bullet with the same power and elemental abiliy as thanatos
Mana Cost: 500
In stock: 2 (making another would probably kill her)

Name: Oblivion
Description: A bullet capable of sealing someone or something inside cavus, where it's fate will be decided by Jack
Mana Cost: 50
In stock: 10

Name: Demi
Description: A bullet capable of dealing 1/4 damage of the current health within a decent amount of range
Mana Cost: 120
In stock: 20

Name: Chain
Description: A bullet capable of temporarily sealing one's ability which is random
Mana Cost: 40
In stock: 10

Name: Death
Description: A bullet capable of dealing ridiculously high damage and able to break through almost anything
Mana Cost: 50
In stock: 7
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