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Post by Xan on Mon May 31, 2010 3:28 am

Xan flew to a hidden cave within the desert, there he would find a person who could help him with his problem. He entered, hearing the sound of metal clanging together, he knew he was in the right place. Xan walked into the cave deeper, and soon was enveloped by darkness, which was then lighten by a bright light of fire.

Xan walked into a massive forge, with workers left and right, taking lava to move the items and heat them. At the center of it all was none other than the god of the forge, fire and volcanoes, Hephaestus. When the god looked down to see Xan his face showed surprise. Hephaestus jumped down from his post and moved to greet Xan.

"Hello Uncle" Hephaestus smiled "What brings you to my forge?"

"I wish to have you create a God Flame for me" Xan said simply

"Create a God Flame?" Hephaestus repeated confused "Which do you speak?"

"The one used by your Father, the only one I cannot obtain"

"The Thunderbolt huh?" Hephaestus rubbed his chin thoughtfully "Well I will need several things in order for it to work"

"And what would that be?" Xan asked

"I will need lightning"

"I got you covered there" Xan smiled, letting electricity move from one hand to another

"Alright, I will also need something that can take the form of a spear"

Xan created a Fire Spear and stabbed it into the ground.

"And I will also need some of your powers"

"I see, it will be worth it to get this God Flame"

"Very well Uncle" Hephaestus nodded "I will make it for you"

After a long and hard process, Hephaestus and Xan created a replica of Zeus' Thunderbolt. Xan picked it up in his hands and devoured it. Xan now had the power to create and manipulate lightning.

"Thank you Nephew" Xan said, grabbing onto Hephaestus's shoulder.

"Anytime Uncle" Hephaestus smiled

Xan departed from Hephaestus's forge immediately and moved on to his next destination, North.
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