The Cosmic Flame

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The Cosmic Flame

Post by Xan on Mon May 31, 2010 8:15 pm

Xan flew down to his next area. This would be the easiest God Flame for him to get, but it was due to conditions that he had to wait before he got it. Xan stood in the middle of the Northern Highlands, he had to wait until the conditions were just right before he could gain the God Flame. Xan saw this as a perfect time to summon Phlegyas. Xan summoned the giant of fire and had him stand in front of him.

"Why must I stand here?" Phlegyas asked, Xan had found a way to lower his voice.

"Because, you are going to catch the God Flame"

"What is this God Flame anyway?"

"It is a meteor, good luck" Xan said as he said an silent word. "Summon"

"What?" Phlegyas said "Did you say me-"

Phlegyas was smashed in the face by a giant meteor, sending him falling on his back. The giant of fire was knocked unconscious almost instantly. Xan walked over to Phlegyas.

"Nice work, now have a rest buddy" Xan smiled

"Damn... you..." Phlegyas whimpered

Xan walked over to the meteor and drived his hand into it. He pulled out a strange looking flame, it glowed similar to the Northern Lights.

"Twelve Down" Xan smiled, he sat down thinking about how he was going to get the last Flame. He also needed to figure out how the one he just got worked.
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