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Post by kanda walters on Thu Jun 17, 2010 7:24 pm

*kagura entered the room, looking around*

kagura- now where is that polish, i need to polish kandas mirror soon, other wise he won't be able see through the class

*sudenly a voice shouted from her purse*

kanda- hey kagura, do you have it yet

*kagura took out a mirror and in it instead of her reflection it was a mans reflection*

kagura- no kanda i havn't found the polish yet

*the reflection in the mirror started to talk*

kanda- well, find it quickly i can bearly see with all the streaks

kagura- i don't get why of all the mirrors, you were sealed in side a regular mirror instead of a magic one that doesn't get streaks

kanda- well, don't blame me, blame the witch hunters who sealed me in it. anyways, back in my day, we didn't have polish

kagura- ok fin, i'll try to find the polish soon, the man said it was in here some where

*kagura looked around for a while, while holding kanda and then found the polish*

kagura- there, i found it, happy now

kanda- yes, after 100 years in that old store shrine you found me in, i get to see the world again

kagura- yah yah, so remember our deal, if i free you from the mirror, you will grant my wish

kanda- of course, but i will need to know what your wish is

kagura- tahts for me to know, and you to learn later

kanda- do you have the orb of light

kagura- yes i do

*she took out a crystal orb with the kanji of light on it*

kanda- good, now we have 1 of 6 artifacts. ok, so after we finish polishing my mirror, then we continue on our jurney.

*and kagura sat down with the pollish in her right hand, and kanda in the left, and begins using the polish to polish the mirror kanda is sealed in, and then after a while, kandas mirror is all clean*

kanda- there now i can see the world, now lets blot this pop stand and get a move on

kagura- aya aya

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