The Attack of the Possesed

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The Attack of the Possesed

Post by Crimson Moon on Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:06 am

The Attack of the Possesed

A day as any other turned into a day of horror, it was at the Eastern HQ of the Witch Hunters. Eastern HQ had always been the educational and storage facility. Beacuse of this it was always the Hq with the least security. This appeared to be the downfall of this once great underwater fortress.

Many Witch Hunters had gathered that day, new members or even new recruits. Many were just resting and restocking others were there for information or missions. Noone knows when it started but it happened in a flash. The first point where this outbreak occured was the library. Every grey-class as well as some green-class suddenly turned, non of them could resist non of them survived.

All that was found out as the possesed roamed and caused destruction was that a magic source had taken control over there lives. The magic had amplified all there capability's draining their live as there abilitys rose over there limits. Mindless and violent the grey-class roamed the halls rushing to anything that made a sound. However the green-class proved more inteligent and faster as they could keep up with the black-class Witch Hunters. Many died that night and only a handfull survived.

Among these was a small group, containing elite fighters destined to fullfill great roles within their era. From the ethical and noble ones to the brutal and sometimes animalistic ones. Blood flowed and bones were pulverised, even the strong believes of the group were tested as the lives of innocents were at stake.

Due to coragous actions and great leadership many lives were saved and a train was secured. Leaving the station,as the train reached the surface, many green-class possesed followed and after a sink or swim action by a Witch Hunter, the zombies met there end. A black figure appeared wearing a tall hat, but as soon as the figure had apppeared it had dissappeared.

The excact cause aswell as the reason is still unknown to this day. The Hq was destroyed and to this day it is still being restored.


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