The beginning

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The beginning

Post by Areos on Tue Aug 10, 2010 7:40 pm

The beginning

Within the small town of illuminatia it all began, while some would not consider these tales as worth writing down, these days were the beginning of an era.

Though only few in numbers, several individuals began their journey in this town that would lead them far, for some further than for others. An old saying sais that encounters are like moves on a chessboard, they seem so small and unimportant at times, but ultimately they weave together till the strings of fate create history.

With a violent attack led by multiple bandits in attempt to take advantage a young witchhuntress within a small pub of Illuminatia, someone had to stand up and protect her, and ironically a dedicated enemy to Witchhunters did so. With this one string of fate changed it course, vowing to change his ways and becoming a witchhunter himself for the sake of just a small girl he had just met.

Meeting up with many more recruits and new Witchhunters on their way towards the most eastern WH Headquaters by train fate however showed its darker side, as the train was attacked by a powerful witch, forcing acquaintances to become allies in a fight for their life, a fight against a by far superior enemy.

Despite all efforts a victory was close to impossible, leaving all who fought in a beat state – Yet with strong will and a heroic stand they held their ground, eventually surviving the onslaught and starting their journey to a new dawn. Battered but with a smile as they approached their (temporary) new home.

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