Balgon Prison: Fight for Liberation

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Balgon Prison: Fight for Liberation

Post by Crimson Moon on Sun Aug 15, 2010 1:06 am

Balgon Prison: Fight for Liberation

This tale of bravery and companionship started deep into the north, a mission had been completed and the Witch
Hunters split up. The witch hunter Casterson followed by his past was attacked by two men together with his fellow Witch hunter Kaluoshen they raised there weapons and charged the enemy. After a fierce long battle the brave witch hunters were split up, one fought hard and on equal ground as the fight ended with one party leaving the other. The other lay defeated on the cold snowy ground, Left for dead as the snow fell down upon him. Two man taking full advantage of the moment of weakness captured and detained Casterson, Leading him to his new home ~Balgon Prison~.

The Witch hunter information network works fast as Tracey had just been captured and already a mission for his rescue was issued. It was here that a fate had plans for those heroic Witch hunters, It started with just two but due to various reasons many joined aswell. Reasons such as, personal reasons, comradeship and the simple sense of duty. In total 4 witch hunters set out to rescue their captured comrade.

A small wagon full of prisoners made its way to a transporting circle in the northren highlands, it was in this wagon that the fated meeting between Casterson and Xan took place. A plan was made for a large scale jail-break, yet the theory proved greater then the execution. Only Xan, after dealing great damage to the balgon army, managed to get away by propelling himself into the air, leaving the prison into a big uproar. A perfect chance for the Witch hunter Sirix to infiltrate this large structure. It was inside that she met up with Casterson.

The train came to a halt at the Port Dace's trainstation, by a twisted sense of humor by fate's hands Xan landed near its location. A battle erupted and the Witch hunters defended themselves, shortly after its start the Witch hunter Kaluoshen took it upon himself to fight the great warrior Xan. The other three with full trust in the strength of their comarde headed for the docks, boarding a ship they made their way towards the island. The island that housed the Balgon Prison.

Using there own methods the Witch hunters met up inside the great prison of balgon, inside this great structure no man could use mana or so the rumours said. It was when the target Casterson was secured that the personal missions started, Casterson decided to help Wallace and headed together with Sirix and Yoshida towards the highest point of Balgon, The wardens room. Rophy headed her own way to handle a private matter, it was during this de-tour that a new type of gaurd was discovered: Arachna Sapiens. Half spider half man, they acted as gaurds to the most inner parts of the Balgon prison.

Making his way up the tower the honourable Witch hunters decided to help the prisoners escape, by opening the cell's they set them free. It was within one of these cells that a predator was waiting to be released back upon this world. A fight between the warrior Benitsuki and the witch hunter Wallace. The fight was intense with brute speed and strength Benitsuki tried to gain the upper hand yet Wallace fought back with skill and precision. Wallace in a moment of weakness was beaten.

During this figth another fight was taking place, Sirix and Casterson had encountered two gaurds who caried something that might prve valuable to the Witch hunters as it was a way for them to regain there mana. The fight was brutal and ended up with a clear victory for the Witch hunters, gaining the device to have their mana returned.

Rophy retreived the person she was looking for leading him ourside the prison to gain some information, it was there that she discovered the freed prisoners stuck between a ravine and the open landscape of Balgon the island. Rophy helped them across and headed for the ships yet there they found molten giants from the Balgon army. They had burned the ships in an attempt to escape their slavery, Rophy took them with her as they headed for a secret teleporting circle hidden on the island, as it was the only remaining way to get of the island.

Heading for the warden;s office Wallace, Casterson and Sirix where getting ready to do battle when they were confronted by the released prisoners. They were out for revenge and asked to team up, yet this discussion was ionterupted by the appearance of an earlier opponent, Benitsuki. A fight between was inevitable as a bet was made, Benitsuki would help them if they could land a wound on her face, they unleased their fighting capabilitys upon each other. The fight ended with Casterson beat up and Benitsuki leaving.

In the mean while Rophy and her army made its way to the fortress protecting the teleporting circle clearing out a workercamp along the way. The army gathered in fron the fortress, preparing to assault. The moral was high and they stormed the fortress, everything went smooth and fluid until the head general appeared, he massacred the rebilion yet before he could do serious damage Rophy took him on. The battle ended in defeat for the general and his man, leaving Rophy with the only task left, getting the circle to work.

Wallace, Casterson and Sirix made there way into the wardens office where they were confronted by a lion, while defending themselves against this beast, The warden made her appearance. The warden led the fight outside to the very tip of Balgon Prison, the fight that followed was hard, long and couragious as they battled to defeat the warden. As the warden was captured by the Witch hunters, Wallace placed his gun to her head, but just as he fired the bullet was stopped by telekenesis. A new and powerfull enemy appeared, Starkiller. He transformed the warden into a demon and the fight thought to be over once again heated up with Starkiller fghting Casterson and Wallace against the demon warden.

The demon fought brutal and the fight was taking a turn for the worse for Wallace when Yoshida backed him up, the warden was pushed back and ended up being defeated. Casterson could however not say the same, after fighting bravely his body gave in and the fight ended with his loss, however the warrior Starkiller spared his life as he saw a great warrior within Casterson. Yet he did not leave without destroying most of Balgon Prison as well as leaving Casterson and Wallace aswell as Yoshida and Sirix on the verge of death. The warden was once again reformed and her mind completly broken down. As suddenly as he had appeared Starkiller dissappeared together with the warden.

The Witch hunters battered and some near death made there way towards the seal, where they found out that the place they destroyed, was not all there was to this fortress known as Balgon prison. Together with the prisoners and the giants aswell as the witch huneters they left the island of Balgon.


Tracey, Kaluoshen
Tracey, Xan
Arkrius, Jiro, Lycan and Kaluoshen
Xan, Kaluoshen, Jiro, Arkrius and Lycan
Arkrius, Tracey, Sirix, Lycan, Jiro, Kurohane and Starkiller


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