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    Langford Jenkins.

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    Langford Jenkins.

    Post by Muzak on Sun Aug 15, 2010 11:14 pm


    Name: Langford Jenkins

    Age: 22.

    Date of Birth: August 13.

    Blood Type: O

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human.


    - Listening to music.
    - Playing Games.
    - Reading.
    - Free-running.


    - Games.
    - Music.
    - Water.
    - Money.
    - Alcohol.


    - Lack of money.
    - Low paying jobs.
    - Hindrances.
    - Annoying and pretentious people.

    Personality: Langford is a free-willed individual who will do exactly what he wants, when he wants. He holds rules lightly and will often do things for when it benefits him or on the rare occasion, for others. His mouth is quite vicious, foul and loud as he'll often talk back to anyone who disagrees and is just generally loud. He'll talk your ear off if he needs to rant and simply have random loud outbursts (let it be yelling, screaming, hollering, etc) His actions are against one would think to be against common sense. They are completely odd and random. It's based on his whims and urges. But at other times it'll be based on a reaction he want to see from the people around him. For example, Go up the stairs? No, he'll go out the window and climb a building to get to the next floor. Tell him to jump of the boat, he'll probably do it. It usually defies one's common sense.

    If angered, he will send a glare towards you and will most definitely hit you. In battle, he's quite ruthless and will do anything in his path to get rid of anything in his way. He doesn't show any pity in battle whatsoever. When he's dealing a contract, he abide to the contract as long it's still in tact. As he feels once he starts something, he should see it through and complete it. Once it's expired, he's gone like the wind, looking for his new pay.


    Height: 5'9 or 175 cm.

    Weight: 160 lbs or 73kg

    Eye color: Purple.

    Hair color: White.

    Hair Style: Short.

    Outfit: (Same as the picture.)

    Extras: None.



    Ability: Langford is able to manipulate and call forth elements, however, he needs his weapon to reach it's second stage and that's only at half of the power. At the third stage, then he can manipulate the elements to his full potential.

    History: TBA

    Langford's weapon is a unique weapon, it's the symbol of Zodiac sign, Scorpio. It looks very unwieldy and looks very impracticable. It looks a block of steel that he can use similar to a double-edged weapon, the handle is the actual point on the ♏ . The weapon looks like it has seen better days by it's condition. It can also change into two other forms, however, it needs enough mana to activate.

    In the second form, it has the ability to control and summon elements, however, it doesn't allow perfect control. Water is used to surround the blade to increase it's cutting edge. The overall size of the weapon decreases, turning it from a bulky chunk of steel, to something more manageable. It's form is also appears to he similar to a longsword, but, with serrated blades on both ends.

    It's final form is the same blade from the second form, but, it also creates a protective gauntlet that covers half of his left arm and has a serrated blade on one side to cut down his foes effectively with the use of two hands. It is made out of mana that he can use to block attacks. The gauntlet also helps in to fully control the elements at his will.

    Class: Blue (Rank B)

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    Re: Langford Jenkins.

    Post by Crimson Moon on Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:35 pm



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