Capture Valfred: The fight for one man (WIP)

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Capture Valfred: The fight for one man (WIP)

Post by Holiday on Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:54 am

Valfred Barrass Atherton, wanted by Witch Hunters for several crimes, served undercover for the Kingdom of Khantis as the A-Class Witch Hunter, Arkrius Wallace. During a mission, without his knowledge, Arkrius's cover was blown and a mission for his capture was made.

During the event of his cover being blown, Arkrius was nearly caught in a mission to investigate the Church for WH, but was saved by a foe turned ally, Myrie the Shapeshifter. While lying low in Myrie's personal quarters in the Church, the two had a small "sexual encounter". Unfortunately, or fortunately, however one would look at it, having sexual intercourse in Myrie's tribe was the same as getting married. It was Myrie's supporter, Kitsu, which broke the news to Arkrius, adding another complication to his life.

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