Eris Nova: Techniques

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Eris Nova: Techniques

Post by Crimson Moon on Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:24 pm

~Creation Techniques~

Name: Greatsword-Form

The blade is as long as Nova herself, it is completly build up from Mana. The mana is placed in certain angles making the light break difrenttly which gives it its color. The blade is as strong as the users determination and is maintained as long as the user stays concious, wills it to stay though it will forcebly decompose when the users mana hits 0.
*Mana-mode: The sword becomes capable of forming cresent moon flying slashing, these fly of the blade in the direction the blade was struck. Following the trajectory.
Mana Cost: 30
*Mana-mode: +10 mana per slice
Health Deduction: Medium-High
*Mana-mode: Medium-High

Name: Bow and Arrow-form

The arrows are pure mana and cause a slight burning sensation when struck. The wounds begn the scorch shut when they stay to long implanted in the skin.
*Mana-mode: The mana is infused in the arrows, making the arrows less resistance and increase in speed and damage.
Mana Cost: 30 for the bow, 1 mana per arrow
*Mana-mode: +1 per arrow
Health Deduction: Small-Medium
*Mana-mode: Medium

Name: Tachi-form

The blade is 1,3 Meters long the tip is double edged but the back of the sword is not, the sword is usually sed in a back hand manner and used for low blows. or slashes from the ground up.
*Mana-mode: Mana coats the blade making it sharper, able to cut through chainmail.
Mana Cost: 25 mana
*Mana-mode: +5 mana per post active
Health Deduction: Medium
*Mana-mode: High

~Fusion Techniques~

Name: Mana-Fusion
Description: This tech gives the creation techs an extra mode, allowing for a mana based attack style. Yet it only gives one extar mode.
Mana Cost: cost wil be added to creation tech as +costs
Health Deduction: none

Description: not too long, state how it looks and basic information
Mana Cost: make your own, mods will edit if they see higher cost neccessary
Health Deduction: none/small/medium/high/very high(specials)

~Pure Element Techniques~

Name: Air Shield
Description: Air gets compressed between tow sheets of mana, these have a slight red colour to them. The sheets and air form a shiel able to protect from one attack witht he force of a punch. These shields can also be stacked infront of each other to protect from stronger attacks. Ten shields can protect from a shotgun blast, or from a fire ball.
Mana Cost: 7 per shield
Health Deduction: none

Name: Air Step
Description: Its a slightly blue clear block, they are used as stepping stones or can be used to rest in the air. The blocks are compressed air they get compressed by a thin layer of mana on six sides and the air gets boxed in, the box then shrinks in an instant creating the compressed air box. These blocks can only be created within a 2 meter radius meaning she has to create a new one to get higher in the air.
Mana Cost: 5 per block
Health Deduction: none

Name: Mana Shock
Description: By placing both gauntlets against the opponents body a bg surge runs through the opponent, this creates a shockwave that both damages the body aswell as shortcurcuits the mana flow for one post. It penetrates armor easely, as it is pure mana. Yet it can't penetrate mana shields.
Mana Cost: 50
Health Deduction: high


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