Langford Jenkin's Techniques

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Langford Jenkin's Techniques

Post by Muzak on Tue Aug 24, 2010 12:20 am

Name: Form Change Level 2
Description: It changes the appearance of Langford's weapon to it's second form and allows summoning of elements and allows control but not to his full potential.
Mana Cost: 150.
Health Deduction: None.

Name: Hellfire
Description: A flame appears in front of Langford and moves to his hand to where it can be fired like a projectile sending a heat wave as well, setting everything in it's path on fire within a two metre range. The heat wave reaches from three metres to five, 'causing severe burns to anyone caught in it. It has a 50% chance of backfiring with Form Change Level 2 and only has half of the power.
Mana Cost: 50
Health Deduction: Medium

Name: Water Prison
Description: Langford creates a water sphere that encases and traps his enemy in. He also increases the water pressure in the sphere to crush his prisoner.
Mana Cost: 40
Health Deduction: Medium

Name: Earth Hands
Description: A pair of hands made out of rock appear in front of Langford and hover around him. They can be used to grab items out of reach or punch people. They have a range of 3 metres and definitely causes some damage.
Mana Cost: 30
Health Deduction: Medium

Name: Nature's Vacumn
Description: Incredibly fast winds spin in a mini tornado from Langford's left hand sucking in anything towards him and also causes razor sharp cuts on unprotected skin. It has a 50% chance of backfiring, causing an explosion of razor sharp wind in all directions. In Form Change Level 3, the suction is increased two-fold.
Mana Cost: 30
Health Deduction: Small.

Mana Cost:
Health Deduction:

Mana Cost:
Health Deduction:
(To be finished at a later date)

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