Travis' Styles

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Travis' Styles

Post by Virgil on Tue Aug 24, 2010 6:37 pm

Fighting style:
Travis does not use individual techniques and mainly sticks to your standard punches, kicks, slashes or shots or something along those lines. However he has 3 different stances which change the way he uses his attacks. With each stance, there is also a different way he uses "spirit".


Stance: Titan
A defensive stance in which Travis mostly blocks the incoming attacks and is likely to perform a counter at some point. The way he uses his spirit is by gaining it as the enemy lands blows. This does NOT make him indestructible. He can take damage from stronger attacks, yet he gets more "motivation" from them. The stronger the attack is, the more spirit he gets. This spirit can then be used in other stances or in counter-attacks. The more spirit he has, the more damaging his attacks are, however they can take a toll on his body as well if he goes too far.

- Minimizes incoming damage by 30%
- spirit gain = 50% of damage taken (The amount of spirit gathered is half of the damage taken.)

Stance: Killer-Bee
An offensive stance which focuses mainly on weaker, but faster attacks as well as attack combinations. The disadvantage is that it barely has any defense at all. The spirit usage in this stance is using it in all attacks. There is no way Travis can gather spirit in this stance, however it is not used up, seeing that the attacks are reasonably weak. But once again, the more spirit he has, the stronger the attacks.

- damage = 50% spiritenergy (Every hit damages for half of total spirit.)

Stance: Demon
A stance that has a good balance of offense and defense. It is not as powerful defense as Titan and not as fast as Killer-Bee. It is slower, but more powerful and is pretty much an ideal stance in combat. It does however has a disadvantage. Even though Travis can regulate how much spirit he puts into an attack, the spirit is used up. The stronger the attack, the more spirit it uses up.

-The amount of spirit reduced by attacks can be regulated. If the spirit used is more than 50% of the total amount of spirit, mana is lost equivalent to half of the spirit used. If more than 75% of total spirit is used, health is lost equivalent to 75% of mana lost.
- 20 spirit per post gained.
- Incoming damage is reduced by 15%
- if Mana reaches 0, health is deducted instead (Once mana reaches zero, every hit he makes that uses more than 3 quarters of spirit, he looses health equivalent to 3 quarters of spirit used.)


Travis can combine and use all of these stances to his fullest during combat at both melee and range. It does however take him a moment to switch between the stances.
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