Toji's attacks!

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Toji's attacks!

Post by Hellbreaker on Thu Aug 26, 2010 3:22 am

Toji's techniques are based on his training as a small child, and also on his great strength and ability to use lighting magic.

Name: Wolf roar!
Description: it is his specail attack. It looks at first a ball of pure electricity. His stance when charging up looks vaguely like that o the main hero of Dragon Ball when he uses his special attack. But when he attacks, a gaint blast comes out, the front of it shaped like the head of a roaring wolf.
Mana Cost: 100
Health Deduction: Extremly High

Name: Shock City
Description: Basicly, he gathers a bunch of shuriken in his fist, and then he charges them up with electricity,then throws them all.It's a very nasty attack if you don't manage to dodge it.But they really are just flying tasers.
Mana Cost: 30
Health Deduction: small

Name: shuriken of the Wolf
Description: He forms a large shuriken of pure electricity, and tosses it at the nearest emeny.
Mana Cost: 40
Health Deduction: Medium

Name: Demon Drive
Description: Since he has a wolf demon contained in him, He can activate a mode called Demon Drive, which allows him to be covered in a lightning shaped like this wolf. the form is made of pure lightning, so he can go even faster than he does ussauly.He can only bite and claw, though,since wolves can't throw anything. And after he uses this,he always falls unconouis.
Mana Cost: !00
Health Deduction: medium each strike (since its not one single strike..)

Name: Wolfven Wings
Description: He generates two gigantic wings of pure lightning on his back. The right looks like a birds wing,maybe a hawk, and the left looks like a bat wing. Instead of acting like normal wings,since they ain't really solid, they use magnetic waves to help him fly each time he flaps them.
Mana Cost: 50
Health Deduction: None

Name: Sheild of the Ancestors
Description"He generates an orb of lightning around himself, blocking himself from attack from all regular attacks, and decreases most magic attack damage.If someon stumbles into it,they get shocked.Theres a trap varioton called Netreulizer,where he generates the orb around an oppenant to trap them, but he doesnt use it much, since it steadily sucks away his mana
Mana Cost: 10 per post
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