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Toji's aupporter

Post by Hellbreaker on Thu Aug 26, 2010 2:06 pm

Name: Hiro

Type: {Spiritual Supporter/ fight support/}
Style:{close range fighter, guardian,overlapper(when Toji's using Demon Drive}

Ability:He can gather lightning power in the tip of his tail, and tap Toji with it to replace some of his mana and a small amount of health(can't be done during battles,since it takes time)

Gigaspark -a dragonlike breathing, he sends out a wave of lightning
mana cost: 30
{Shock 'Em - similar to Toji's Wolf Roar,cept he doesn't have to charge up. And it's just one gaint beam of lightning,no wolf head. He just says the name of the attack, and the beam appears in the air infront of his mouth,making it appear that he breathed it
damage:Very High
mana cost: 100
{Skill - explanation}
{Skill - explanation}

Date of Birth:doesn't discuss it
Hobbies:teasing his young master, Toji,catching some rays
Likes:fish, cold water, Toji(regards him as a brother/son)
Dislikes:those who would hurt his master, cigar smoke(it was once used to banish him to a dismal plane many years ago.He can't stand it eversince)
Personality: bold and loyal, never falling back. He's the more calm, suspicoius member of the pair.He's a demon, so he is natrually a little wicked, but he's bound just to help out with Toji's antics.

Height:7'9"(this is when he's on all four paws)
sizes (for woman, chest size):
Eye color:it often alternates between red and white.
Hair color: lightning white, with a Sea green blue streak on the tip of his tail.
Hair Style:none.
Appearance: He looks like your standard wolf demon, lightning white, though he has a green blue streak on the tip of his tail, the same color of toji's hair.

Ability:He can support his master by giving him his lightning magic
History: He was hunting in the forest he lived in when one day he saw a human kid. He pounced,hoping to get an easy and quick kill. But the lad appeared to be skilled at hand to hand, and as they wrestled, they crashed into a nearby altar. They were then fused together forever. He orignally hated the boy, but grew to like his honesty and honor. He now regards him as a son/brother, and would do anything for him.
Weapons: teeth,claws
B-Rank (Blue)

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