Kali - The Dragon Maiden

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Kali - The Dragon Maiden

Post by Kali on Thu Aug 26, 2010 9:03 pm

Name: Kali
Age: Recently came into existence (Seemingly 16-17)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: O
Gender: Female (Originally male)
Race: Dragon/Angel/Demon
Hobbies: Reading, and exploring
Likes: Books, people who follow their sense of duty, sleeping, music
Dislikes: Anyone who commits injustice for enjoyment, evil witches,
Personality: She is noble and kind. Her loyalty can be matched by no other, if you are her friend, she would walk through hell with you. She has amazing curiosity and loves to learn new things. She loves to listen to music. She does have a temper sometimes and can act childish. She easily jumps to conclusions when she gets embarrassed, which happens easily.

Height: 5"1
Weight: 92 lbs
Hip:76 cm
Breast:73 cm (B)
Waist:56 cm
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Blond
Hair style: Bun
Outfit: A magical maid outfit that turns into a set of knight armor.
Appearance: Kali is a young woman looking into her teens, extremely beautiful to the eye.

Battle Mode

Civilian Clothing

Ability: Kali has now become the perfect Human-Dragon hybrid, she is able to use some of her lizardman powers. She is able grow draconic wings at her leisure. She has the combined physical attributes of all her forms, her strength, durability and senses are comparable to her lizardman form. Her speed and agility are further enhanced due to her decreased height and weight. She is a master of sword. She is able to pick up trees, able to catch bullets, survive death defying heights, she can even heal her own wounds and has cognitive like instincts. Her sword abilities have change into pure aether, giving her a boost in magical power. Thanks to her magical attribute, she has a powerful defence against enemy magic, reducing some power.

Weapon: She has been given the blade of Eden's Apple, which allows her to use the powers of her previous swords as well as her lizardman powers. She can materialize the blade, with a fake hilt to allow it to be wielded, the sword doesn't remain on her person, rather it is summoned. The blade can become similar to a snake sword or a double bladed sword. The blade can be surrounded by aether wind coating, making it invisible to the eye.


History: Kaluoshen is the fallen angel Lucifer, who was cast out of heaven for Adam and Eve. He was made human and eventually fell in love with one of the first humans. He lived a good life until he met Lea. He now is free from his affliction as a lizardman and has recieved most of his former powers back. He now must kill Lea by reclaiming and using his sword, The Eden's Apple. He is in possession of the blade of Edens Apple, and it has returned much of his powers. Kaluoshen lost his life to save his ally and partner Arkrius, but was later revived by Lea. Due to a slight miscalculation from Lea, Kaluoshen has become a woman now named Kali. Kali, a completely different person in almost every way from her old self in physical and spiritual nature, must find the last piece of Eden's Apple. She must obtain the hilt from the fabled wizard, Merlin.

Kali is revealed to not be Kaluoshen, but an offspring of Kaluoshen and Lea (The older one) using Kaluoshen's body as a catalyst. Kali's memories were completely wiped out due to a ritual performed by the previous Lea. She now is able to start anew and live normally.

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Re: Kali - The Dragon Maiden

Post by Crimson Moon on Thu Aug 26, 2010 10:38 pm



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