A Beer of Surprises

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A Beer of Surprises

Post by Frost on Fri Aug 27, 2010 3:04 pm

The bar hadn’t changed since the last time Vivi was there, everything felt the same. The bars old squeaky wooden boards which always made a noise when it wants. The fragrant smell of whisky and shampoo hung heavily in the air. But the one thing she longed for the most was a good old helping of beer to start the day. Sadly her day started off badly as ever, her favourite garments was stolen by some pervert. Nevertheless, she still wore something underneath. Her entire attire matches her hair and eyes. Her jacket tightens tightly on around her waist which concealed ordnance. By the time she went for a walk, seeking for some comfort at her favourite bar, only to find it had went into bankruptcy. Her legs let go and was on the verge of crying, until someone patted her on the back.

She looked back but saw no one. However, this wasn’t the first time something this strange happened to her here, in fact it had happened quite a few times.

Moments later she felt a strong magical presence near Illuminatia. She couldn’t tell either it was just one person or more than one people at the same place. Her feelings were telling her to go there yet she wasn’t about to make any unnecessary risk especially since too many bad things had happened in one day. Yet her mind kept telling her to go anyway despite the risk.

“Fine I’ll go, Happy.” She muttered softly.

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