Douglas Campbell

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Douglas Campbell

Post by Familiar_Stranger on Sat Aug 28, 2010 10:16 pm

Name:Douglas Campbell
Age: 24
Date of Birth: September 7
Race: Mage
Hobbies: Painting, tooling up guns, practicing his Gunkata.
Likes:Reading, fine art, firearms, most other people.
Dislikes: the thought of being without his armor and helmet.
Personality: He is very friendly, and likes to get along with others. Despite this he has no qualms with the idea of killing others, Though he really prefers to have a good cause to do so. he sometimes gives off the impression that he is forgetful and has a bad memory. He does not like to remove his armor or helmet unless he absolutely has too (i.e. to sleep or wash up), and when he does he acts very dazed and slow to respond.

Height: 6'0
Weight:200 lbs.
sizes (for woman, chest size):...
Eye color: blue
Hair color:brown
Hair Style:helmet hair, probably, if you can catch him without his equipment on.
Outfit:an unusual fabric and leather like armor, similar in texture to a more traditional WH's outfit. over that is an overcoat armor, as well as a helmet that resembles the head of a demon.
Extras:8 small coffins, slung over his back like a cape along with chains.

like this, but no sword

Ability: Gunkata: a fighting style revolving around firearms that includes close combat maneuvers and strikes in addition to standard and non-standard marksmanship. can also use a weak barrier field from the Training model dimensional pocket (explained in tecs). Additionally he can make use of the coffins on his back, each of which is a magic powered self contained weapon system (he can currently only use two of them)

History: Douglas was born in Brittania, nearer to the highlands. His father was from one of the highland clans, and although they swear loyalty to Brittania's king, they don't get along well with other britannians, owing to their differing culture and beliefs (think Ireland and Scotland). Because of this, Douglas was not well liked as he was growing up and the stigma of his highlander blood kept with him as he got older. this hadn't stopped him from getting an apprenticeship and taking up a trade however, as he soon entered the growing field of gunsmithing (it is growing, even with so many swordsmen and spear men still around).

However, some time after he had left his master and opened up his own shop in a new town, that town was destroyed. the details of what happened on that day, however remain mostly a mystery, even to Douglas himself. Whatever happened on that day was apparently so bad that he can't remember it due to the trauma, a condition known as situation specific dissociative amnesia. what he does remember is that a young lady and a strange person in a weird armor appeared in town shortly before the event. WH's found him wearing the unusual outfit of the second person and could not convince him to remove it, without more effort than they wished to spend on a witness.

When he described the two people he had seen to the WH's, however, they came back to him after checking with their superiors and informed him that the people he saw were in fact the WH Valerie Von Hammersmark and her supporter, "The Mortician." (whose outfit and weapon systems Douglas was wearing). after learning this they were more interested in retrieving the "remains" of the mortician and his weapons. the weapons might have been reasonable, but Douglass refused to remove the outfit. stunning the WH's into more aggressive action.

at that point, one of the coffins opened and the weapon system within, the "White Lions" activated. this changed the behavior of the WH's who did not expect a normal person to be able to use a a supporters mana driven weapons and abilities. rather than threatening the WH's in turn, Douglas asked if there was a way he could hold on to the armor and weapons, explaining that he was a gunsmith and hinting strongly that he was willing to work. After some negotiating, and probably some propaganda on behalf of WH to convince Douglas that it was an evil witch that destroyed his hometown, Douglass was recruited to the WH. As no one else was able to use those weapons, Douglass was soon moved to active combat duty instead of technician work.

a pair of dual .357 desert eagles that were issued to Douglass as a way to conserve mana during combat. Douglass has since added some personal touches, calling the finished product "The Black Dogs."

"The Mortician's Coffins": Eight small "coffins" that hang on heavy chain around Douglas' back like a cape. Each coffin, when opened, unfolds into it's own weapon system (the term system here refers both to a single object, and to groups of objects that work together). Most of them are permanently attached to the chain, but some of them can be easily removed, probably to make them more effective in combat. All of the coffins use mana as their power source.( it is presumed that some mana was already in the coffin that Douglass first opened in front of the WH. At present, Douglass can only use two of the coffins (and only one of those with real skill), but he is learning and improving at a fast rate. (for a full description of each coffin, please see tech list and equipment list. also note some of the coffins had yet to be used even by the mortician since he and his master joined WH, so only a few have descriptions at present. They are

Coffin 1- "The White Lions" .765 Action Express Dual Handguns + Ammo/Support pack. A pair of obsessively large alabaster handguns with both large boar and large horizontal magazines below the barrels. can fire more than one type of .76/.765 caliber rounds, a small few of which are decidedly magical in nature. the support pack, in addition to being their carrying case, carries and can be used to create the ammo. It also has an auto reload function, and small belt feeds that can be inserted into the handguns in place of standard clips (can only do so with .76 standard rounds, however).

Coffin 2 "Tombstone" Dual three barrel 9mm Vulcan combat pack. just as stated, This Coffin unpacks into a large 9mm Vulcan with dual three barrel spinners and attached ammo pack. bullet for bullet it doesn't have the same stopping power of the "White Lions" nor the accuracy, but it's rate of fire makes it ideal for large groups or large opponents.

(Coffin 3 and below are locked, please see equipment section/tech section for descriptions)

class/level: Blue.

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Re: Douglas Campbell

Post by Crimson Moon on Sat Aug 28, 2010 10:27 pm



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