Toji's Arsenal

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Toji's Arsenal

Post by Hellbreaker on Sat Aug 28, 2010 11:12 pm

Name: Kiruska, a gaint katana
Appearance: it is an extra wide,exra long katana, very weighty but stealthy, perfect for one of Togi's ninja/knight clan

abilities/effect: It's so weighty that if it contacts, it always makes a deep cut.
stock: 1
story*: This is the sword used by Toji's father,his father's father,and so on and so forth. It is said to be crafted for a grim reaper, and it is also said to to have untapped powers.....

Name: Shuriken
Appearance: basic steel throwing stars
abilities/effect: it cuts the people it comes in contact with
stock: he always has at lest 50 on him
story*:he was trained in the use of these traditional ninja weapons as a child, and has always carried a few with him.

Name: Armor of the Avenger
Appearance: this is ebony plate armor he wears. The armor covers his torso and legs. and it includes gloves and boots
abilities/effect:In addition to being able to move like chainmail, it can reduce damage of strong attacks and block small attacks. With small attacks being two claymors hitting at the same time be the limit. But it can't block attacks like lighting and fire, since they aren't excactly physical, and can cook the flesh beneath. It can't reduce damage from extreme attacks. It also turns out that though regular weapons cant peirce it all, legendary weapons or weapons heavily imbued with magic(like ryus swords) can slice through it with a couple of good solid strikes, adn a weapon of the same metal can slice through it with no force at all.
stock: 1
story*: it is a armor that was passed down through the strongest family in the Ninja/Knight Clan, Toji's family. It was said to be crafted from the peices of a ancient metal that fell from the skies.

name: Sonic Yoyo
Appearance:looks like a steel yoyo with glowing edges.
abilities/effect: it is very powerful and fast, as hardhitting as a sledgehammer and as fast as a shuriken.He can sacirifice 20 mp to power it up to make an explosion that amounts to a grenade, a blast that can bust through brick walls and destroy small steel crates.He can also use it like a grappling hook,too.
stock: 1
story*:He aquired this on a bet in the Eastern HG, and it is goning to be very usefull on his travel.

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