L Grimm's items and weapons.

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L Grimm's items and weapons.

Post by Artist on Mon Aug 30, 2010 4:25 pm

A few things L Grimm carries with him in order to survive on a day to day basis.

Name: A Revolver named: Dead Kings


abilities/effect: Dk is upraged with powerful magic, so it is able to withstand firing powerful shots of mana. Near unbreakable and packs alot of power.

stock: one

story*: L's first weapon and most powerful at the moment, L stole this gun just like he stole his abilities of aura and magic. It is nick named Dead Kings because this gun was literaly used to kill Kings by L's old masters and people way before him. The gun is about 100 years old and created to kill King Zora. And throughout the years its been passed on and now it belongs to Lacorieus Grimm. It was given to him by Madam Wayne his teacher of sorts

Name: A 9mm pistol named: Skullz


abilities/effect: A uprgraded pistol but not by magic means, only upgraded by technology. Able to fire off semi-automatic rounds and regular rounds. Not fit to be used by magic.

stock: one

story*: Created for him by his teacher Madam Wayne.

Name: A set of knives


abilities/effect: They do nothing more then kill people. Used for close combat and strikes

stock: Ten

story*: He stole these from a knife thrower, foolish enouph to challenge him in battle.

Name: Restoration Tubes

Appearance: Small tubes capable of holding small amounts of liquid. Golden liquid.

abilities/effect: These are tubes L uses to restore his aura energy and mana. just about 250 mana

stock: twelve

story*: L stole the first twenty from his old masters The Jugdes, but has learn to created them on his own. They just require time and patience.

(More to come throughout adventures)

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