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There was a sudden spark of light right above the ground, it started to crack like lightning. With a sudden boom Lacorieous was laying on the ground face first in the dirt. He put his hands on the grass to push himself up. "Eeehhh I forgot how much I hate Porter Gates..." L got on his knees and looked up. He arrived in East, but where.

"Crap where did I land exactly." L asked himself as he stood up. "No matter I'll find my way soon." L put his index finger on his tonugue and held it in the air. "Wayne...where are youuu?" He stood there with his index finger for a while. "Ahhh there you are, in the old town. Its gonna be good to find my old teacher again. She's probalbly going to kill me, for not getting in contact." L said to himself as we walked towards town.
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