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Led - Vivi's Supporter

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Led - Vivi's Supporter

Post by Frost on Tue Sep 07, 2010 6:19 pm


Name: Led
Type: Spiritual Supporter
Style: Offensive and Defensive

Ability: To store Vivi's already made runes and replenish her mana supply (15 per post)


Name: Wave blade
Description: Gathers mana at the tip of the blade, when swing, causing it to release a beam like wave, coursing through the air and reaching into the distance about 15 meters. More waves could be created.

Name: Rune Impact
Description: A hand to hand skill that rapidly focuses mana on either hands or legs which explodes during contact, badly damages the target without any harm to Led.

Name: Trance
Description: Only certain spells flows through it, allowing it to cast any spells Vivi had stored within.
Mana cost: Depends on the spell

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