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Ryou's Equipment/Items

Post by Ryou on Thu Sep 09, 2010 12:39 am

*Name: Enkhroz ( T__T") A half-Ankh half-cross with very sharp points.
*Appearance: Pointy, sharp, shiny, silver, looks like a cross with a loop over the top half. About two pounds. 1' 5" long, 4.59" wide.
*Abilities: If vampires are near it, Enkhroz glows a brilliant shade of indigo.
Story: It belongs to the vampire clan-cult that the Federation was made to destroy. Ryou found this stabbed into his mother's chest when he was a child.


*Name: Raçor, the massive razor blade sword.
*Appearance: A zweihänder (German two-handed sword) with razor sharp blades, which earn the sword its name. Along the center area of the sword is an ancient script which is unable to be read.
Length (Excluding hilt): 14' 4" [4.3m]
Length (Full): 15' 5" [4.6m]
Width: 1' 8" [33cm]
Weight: 117 lbs. [53.1 kg]

*Abilities: Nothing apparent. It's true ability is to help the kind of the blades creator. Not much else is known at this time to Ryou.
*Origin and History: Raçor was created by a master sword smith almost 1000 years ago. Not much is known about the metal which was used, how the blade was made to be so large, nor who the smith was. Ryou stole it . His power level then was probably a fifth of his current level. The swords' owner was a vampire. Their leader, who was around Ryou's current height, had been in possession of Raçor. He had been about to attack Ryou when the vampire was blasted apart by a third party. The third party was much later found out as a Federation member. That person took the sword and fled, leaving Ryou to become the prey of some hungry vampires. They were no where near their leader's level, and Ryou easily disposed of them. He hadn't even had to use his cross nor any other weapons. Only his fists. Two years after he joined the Federation, when he was twelve, he received the blade from the one who had killed the vampire leader. His current teacher, master and trainer, Jerret Wingard.
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