Toji's New Weapon!

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Toji's New Weapon!

Post by Hellbreaker on Sun Sep 12, 2010 6:19 am

Toji groaned. "Ugh, that was quite a battle......Aaaaagh?!" He sat up hard, his eyes wide. "Where am i?! Did we win? Where are Vivi and the one woman!? Are they okay?"Hiro looked up,chuckling."Calm down,runt. We are in the Eastern WH HQ. Everthing's been taken care of. Vivi and the one woman are being healed as we speak. So just relax,k,small one?" "R-relax? when there is a new area to explore? Nonsense! I'm ready and raring to go!" He jumped out of the bed he had been."............wheres my armor.........?" he was in the black sleeveless shirt and black 3/4 camo shorts that he wore under his armor. And under the shirt was bandages stuffed with healing herbs covering his waist and side where a nasty bruise had devoleped.There was also a bandage wrapped around his bicep,where the witch had shot it earyleir.
(200 + mana, 40 + health)
"It's in Vivi's room. They figured she was your mom,and they also figured that was the best place to put it." "M-my mom? That's ridicoulis!",Toji sputtered."Whatever,lets just get going." They walked out of the door,and started walking round the compund. People stared at them, the small lethal-looking boy with bandaleirs of shuriken,which were normaly concealed under his armor, hanging crosswise from his shoulder,and the huge wolf demon striding beside him. They came up to a door.

It had a sign hanging above it: Experimental Weapons Falcilty. Toji grinned a grin full of mischef. "oooh,sounds fun!" Hiro riconized that smile. "Toji,don't you even think of..." But it was 2 late. Toji was through the door. Hiro sighed,and followed. In side,there were men and woman praticing with what looked like steel yoyo's with glowing edges."Oooh,I like! I like! ad I want!" he got a sly grin on his face, and walked up to a large man throwing one at a stone columm,chiping it a little at a time. Toji walked up to the man,the look now innocent."Sir,may I give it a try?" The man snorted."A little rodent like you, weild a Sonic Yoyo? Don't make me laugh......Wait,make me laugh...." The man got a mean grin on his face, and tossed the S.Y. at Toji."Fine,lets see what you got." Toji grinned, and slipped the loop at the end of the titanium rope onto his middle finger. "Let's step it up a notch. If I can make bigger notchs on that stone columm than you,you give me this handy little weapon. If I lose.I'll give you one of my bandeliers here." Deal!" Toji grinned again, and flicked the S.Y. at the columm.A huge chunk was knocked off as he charged a little electricty through the rope to teh head and created an explosive boom.The man's jaw dropped."Waaaaah? You require a Electro Glove to do that!"
(-20 mana)
Toji looked at him,flicking the rope and the yoyo streaking back into his palm"What's a Electro Glove?" The man growled. "It's the counterpart to the Sonic Yoyo. It threads a charge through titanium rope to the head,where tech transfers the electricty to a very powerful sound and lightning blast, not only deafing people at 8 meters away, but creating a damaging explosion at 6 meters.""oh,that's cool...Well,gotta g!See ya!" Toji walked out the door, flicking the Yoyo up and down, doing the walking dog. The man's jaw dropped again as the mystery kid walked out,and the other testers snickered behind him.
There was a map that Toji hadn't nocticed before. "hmm, lets see,where to next.....ooh,the cafeteria! but I don't have any Kyi.....Oooh, the Entertainment lounge! .....and once again,no Kyi.......Man,this drags!! I need to get my hands on some cash!"He sighed,and sat down on a nearby seat. "I need to start asking for money when I slay monsters that are troubling villages again..." hiro looked at him,amused by the kid's hitting a dead end as where to go next. "Just sit ad relax,runt." "S-shut up,I'm not a runt!"
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