Detective Lycan

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Detective Lycan

Post by Crimson Moon on Fri Oct 01, 2010 10:55 pm

Lycan was skipping from the wall on the right side to the wall on the left side making her way down the hall, using a few grey's as a platform to launch forward. Her fluffy tail was dancing behind her as she reached the main hall, a misschievious smile was on her face as she pushed of the gorund and with a blur came to a halt infront of the main desk. "Good morning miss Wolf"

"Hello i wantsh adventure" She smiled as she flopped over the desk "Itsh been quiet lately and becaushe i ish white class now i can;t leave ash eashely"

"Well miss wolf its the responsibility that comes with the job also there is no adventure" Suddenly a man ran into the main hall "What's the hurry David?"

"A-a scientist went missing in Illuminati, he had some repectable research the witch hunters even had an eye on him as a potentiel target" He gave the notice to the desk clerk.

"Well at the moment we have no personel available...."

"Sho i shall do it itsh the duty of every witch hunter"
You just want to go and have fun don't you mistress?
"Shhhhh inu someone might hear you"
I sincerly doubt that Lycan grabbed the paper and bounced away but before she left a voice came from behind her.

"M-m-m-miss Lycan?" Freya stood behind her "y-y-you can't leave you still have work to do here"

"Ow i almosht forgot......LOOK THERE" Lycan pointed at a random direction, as Freya looked Lycan blurred away.

"miss Lycan?"


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