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Delayed Reports

Post by Virgil on Sun Oct 03, 2010 11:09 am

Travis was walking towards the in-charge office of the hq. Man, I really have put this off for way too long. About time I report those witches. Travis was walking for very long. It was a ridiculously long walk. Finally he reached the door. He first knocked, and the immediately walked in without waiting a response. Inside was a large room with a big desk in the middle. There a man sitting there. He was surrounded by paperwork. He then looked up "Ah, MacMillan"
"I suppose you have some reports to make if you have come directly to me."
"Well, there are two matters. And I'm sort of late on reporting both of them."
"Well, I suppose you don't improve on the timing, huh?" The man laughed. Travis just chuckled ironically. 'So then, what have you got to report."
"Witch activity. Some time ago Illuminatia was attacked by a witch that seems to go by the name Holiday. She is rather...troublesome."
"In what way."
"Ranged mostly, rather annoying supporter and a possessive technique."
"What do you mean?"
"She took control of Pelleas Anochain. It was a projectile that when hits possesses the target in some sort of way."
"Right..." the man was lost in thought about what was said for a while. "We will look into that. You said there was some other matter?"
"Yeah, there seems to anomaly of some sort."
"What do you mean."
"The train that I and a few other people took to HQ...there was something strange about it. According to Jimmy's scans it had a source of mana from the outside and a mana structure of its own. Call me crazy but that only happens with supporters. Meaning that we are probably sabotaged."
"We definately have to look into that." The man had some concern in his voice. "Is that all?"
"That's all I could gather."
"Very well. we will look into that." He got back to the paperwork, however after a while he noticed that Travis was still there. "There is something else?"
"With your permission I would like to form a team. A strike team more specifically."
"Ham...and have you found any members who are worthy?"
"The earlier mentioned Pelleas, as well as Langford Jenkins."
The man recalled some of them "But those are only blue-class."
To that Travis only grinned and cracked his knuckles. "I'll beat the A-class into them."
"Heh, well then, don't kill them."
"Yes sir." Travis sarcastically replied. With that he left.
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