Douglas cambell's techs

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Douglas cambell's techs

Post by Familiar_Stranger on Mon Oct 04, 2010 2:30 am

Tech list: (done mostly in order of common use)

Gunkata: firearms based martial arts plus exhibition shooting tricks

Name:Double Tap
Description: with good timing, a skilled shooter can pull the trigger just as a semi-auto returns to place after firing. the result is that in just longer than the time someone else would shoot once, you have shot twice. and while the bullets would be close together they are not on the same exact flight path... so you've more or less doubled your chances to hit someone.
Mana Cost: none
Health Deduction: based on ammo/gun but usually small

Name: Rapid Fire
Description: a technique that uses the double tap as a foundation. by chaining double taps together, you can temporarily shoot a semi-auto with auto fire speed, releasing a large spray of bullets quickly. can be performed with two guns as well, to deal with timing issues and to play off of each other but even using one handgun, a shooter can release as many as five shots in rapid succession.
Mana Cost: 6 per gun
Health deduction: Varies based on ammo/gun and number of hits. usually small per round though.

Description: somewhat self explanatory, the most common trick in exhibition shooting is to use intentional ricochet to hit a target, usually to hit a target you couldn't with a straight shot, but also to hit the target in a different area, like the back or side. gunkata practitioners are trained to notice angles and surfaces which can provide the ricochet they want, and to use them. however, this technique not one to rely upon too much, owing not only to the prerequisite of such a surface/angle, but also due to the difficultly of striking that area in just the right way to induce the desired effect.
Mana Cost: none
Health deduction: varies based on ammo gun, but usually small

Name: Barrier field- "Kill-box"
Description: not a true gunkata technique per se. This is a barrier created by using the training model dimensional pocket (the one that looks like a rub-ix cube-ish thing). the expanded barrier looks like tinted glass, and also forms smaller "objects" within, also appearing like tinted glass. the main barrier and the obstacles within create a small amount of repelling force, which can be used in, most likely, far more ways than Douglas has made use of. for Douglas, the repelling force on the walls and 'objects' serves to aid ricochet, as well as create a new terrain which Douglas can make more efficient use of than his opponent. it can be used to trap others, but the barrier is fairly weak, such that a moderate explosion or other strong attack has the chance to disrupt it, and a larger explosion or strong piercing attack will definitely break the barrier. finally, it can also be used for training.
Mana cost: 10/per post
Health deduction: none (of it's own accord)

Name: Thanatosian Smile
Description: using the "kill-box" Douglas set up a continuing ricochet with a well aimed shot. if successful, the bullet will keep returning to the target from different angles. however, continuously hitting surfaces like that damages the bullet's durability, eventually destroying the bullet after about five passes.
Mana cost: 10 (plus barrier time)
Health deduction: varies but leans towards medium

Name: Thanatosian Laughter
Description: A more brutal variation of the Thanatosian Smile. Douglas uses fires around six bullets at different key positions of the "kill-box". the end result is that the bullets strike a target from different angles with different timing multiple times per bullet. if performed correctly, the technique should end with all fired rounds hitting at the same time toward the same point, such that in the absence of a target, they would all hit each other precisely and shatter.
Mana cost: 30 (plus barrier time)
Health deduction: varies but leans toward medium-high

Mortician's coffins tech list: list of mana draining actions/procedures/abilities used by the coffins.

Name: Armory Reloaded (Passive tech)
Description: while some weapons may be able to hold a lot of ammo, whether in the weapon itself or in reserve packs, eventually it runs out, and will need to be replaced. The coffins pertaining to firearms are able to generate ammo, although in some cases materials may be required. this only applies to munitions used by the coffin weapon systems, however (restores 1/5th of munitions each post. unless at full munitions, or actively disabled by other means.)
Mana Cost:7 per post
Health deduction: none

Name:Magical Ammo- .765 "Silver Cartridge" Ice bullet ( just Silver Cartridge for short)
Description: named for the shells appearance, the silver cartridge contains a mixture of common materials for ammo creation and some crystal, Usually quartz, as well as a special magic induced propulsion instead of using standard ignition. The bullet disperses heat energy as it flies, and will release a chilling cold upon anything it touches once fired, such that it will form ice and completely freeze the area around impact. as a munition, it can be used exclusively with the white lions, but can be used together with any tech those guns can be used with.
Mana Cost: 4 to create, 4 to fire
Health deduction: medium+ effect of chained technique

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