Leon decem

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Leon decem

Post by LyonHeart on Fri Oct 08, 2010 10:46 pm

Name:Leon decem
Date of Birth:January 16
Hobbies:pit fighting gambling and the Pursuit Of Happiness
Likes:living life to the fullest experience every thing the world has to offer
Dislikes: those who take for granted and those that kill for fun hates people who experiments on people and animals
Personality:loyal brave and courage's has a dry sense of humor kind of a social retard

Eye color:gold
Hair color:blond
Hair Style:flat and wavy
Outfit:Black tee with black pants and a black belt with black combat boots with a jacket with red and white covering it and black biker gloves

Animal form:

Ability:he can at will or through rage or excitement turn into humanoid lion his speed and strengths and sense go to levels above and average human or animal even when hes not in his animal form hes stronger then a regular human he uses wind magic to increase his attack and speed power and he can even do some long range attacks
History: he wast born a regular human he was created in a lab using DNA or different humans and animals to try to make a super soldier his transformation ability was just a bonus to the scientist at the labs after 19 years or being tortured with experiments and test Leon went into rage and slaughter every one in the lab containing escaping into the real world knowing nothing of it but its language
Weapons:his bare fist and claws and teeth he can bring out his feral claws and teeth out in human form
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Re: Leon decem

Post by Crimson Moon on Fri Oct 08, 2010 10:50 pm



"I'm the bon of my fire| Gasoline is my body, burning my soul | I have set aflame, over athousand pants| unaware of objection, nor of pity| withstood -no's- to set him ablaze many times| yet this pants will never be warm | so, as I pray - unlimited blaze works" 'Quote Areos'

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