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Leon decem

Post by LyonHeart on Sat Oct 09, 2010 12:48 am

Name:Lions roar
Description: uses magic to enhance his vocal cords and long to let loose a god like lions roar that can shatter glass uses to disorient enemy's
Mana Cost: 50
Health Deduction: small

Name:beast out
Description: Leon morphs to his lion form increase his strength and speed and sense's
Mana Cost: 50
Health Deduction: none

Name:Wind Claws
Description: Leon can use this in both forms he swings his hand in a slicing motion unleashing 3 wings blades that fly out and scar the person or area what look like claw marks
Mana Cost: 50
Health Deduction: medium

Name:Lion split
Description: can be used in both human and lion form Leon runs at the target at high speed to create and illusion to make it seem that there is more that one Leon
Mana Cost: 70
Health Deduction: none

Name:lions rush
Description: can only be uses in lion form Leon covers himself in his wind magic and turns himself in raging missile of claws and fur that fly's at intense speeds towards his enemy
Mana Cost: 70
Health Deduction: high

Name:Lions authority
Description: only usable in lion form only Leon does the same thing Lions roar but it become even stronger in his lion form it send of shock wave of magic that cancels other magic for 5 post making it just a plane bare knuckle fight or in Leon's case bare fur and claw fight the AoE is 25 meters
Mana Cost: 110
Health Deduction: small

Name:lions Blade
Description: can only be used in his lion form Leon covers one arm in chaotic wind magic and send its flying like a giant blade it can cut through almost any thing
Mana Cost: 80
Health Deduction: high

Name:lions rage
Description: can only be used in lion form unleashed a roar that Leon funnels towards the target its strong to tear the very skin off a person
Mana Cost: 10 but its channeled so 10 mana every second his holds it for
Health Deduction:medium

Name:lions grapple
Description:can be used in both forms Leon tackles his opponent and uses his wing magic to throw them in the air he then uses gravity plus his weight to slam them into the earth he coats himself in wind magic to spare him from any damage
Mana Cost: 50
Health Deduction:medium

Description: leon goes into a state of rage he no longer feels human emotion only one thing is on his mind survival his speed and power is increased his magic attack are increase and there cost is halfed
Mana Cost: 150
Health Deduction:none
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