Artemis Nightingale's Techniques

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Artemis Nightingale's Techniques

Post by Artemis on Tue Oct 26, 2010 3:34 am

Name: Good Luck: Rabbit Feet
Description: Artemis uses her magic to increase her speed greatly for a short time. [two posts by Artemis, the one where this is put is counted.] This also increases her jumping abilities.
Mana Cost: -10
Health Deduction: None

Name: Good Luck: One's Lonesome, Two's Company, And Three's A Gift
Description: Artemis uses her magic to create three butterflies, said to bring good luck, of light which will fly at the attack of someone and take the hit while Artemis recovers the health that she would have lost. If a butterfly or two were to remain after that, they vanish in a burst of light particles like the one destroyed.
Mana Cost: -30 For smalls; -60 For Mediums; -90 for High
Health Restoration: Amount that would have been lost

Name: Bad Luck: Poor Little Butterfly
Description: Artemis uses her magic so that when the butterflies of the spell One's Lonesome, Two's Company, And Three's A Gift are destroyed by the attack of someone, the light particles that had formed the butterflies fly at the target and upon contact burn the skin. These will stay until water washes away the particles so pain gradually increases but won't go beyond a certain point. Artemis could make a butterfly for this purpose but it takes a bit more mana.
Mana Cost: -25; -35 To use if creating one
Health Deduction: Small-Medium

Name: Bad Luck: Kiss Me Beneath The Mistletoe
Description: It's said if you refuse a kiss under the mistletoe you will have bad luck. Artemis makes some mistletoe appear and asks the opponent for a kiss. If they refuse, the mistletoe sharpens itself and flies at the target with great speed, aiming to stab the middle of the chest. If they accept though they are in a very close range for Artemis to attack. Keep in mind though that unless the opponent has seen this skill be used by Artemis before they will not know what happens if they refuse or accept.
Mana Cost: -5
Health Deduction: Small

Name: Bad Luck: Seven Pieces
Description: It's suppose to be seven years of bad luck if you break a mirror. Well for this, Artemis magically creates a mirror so that when it's hit by the target or something the target caused, the mirror will break into seven pieces exact in which fly at the target. Not all of the pieces have been known to hit but rarely.
Mana Cost: -15
Health Deduction: Small for each piece

Name: Bad Luck: Watch Your Step
Description: Artemis uses her magic to form a crack under the opponent's feet or in their walking/running range so that if stood on for a second too long or stepped on, the crack will seem to open but the ground just drops down in that spot, dropping the target down into it before the ground 'pops' back up, sending the target into the air.
Mana Cost: -35
Health Deduction: Medium

Name: Bad Luck: Here's A Present. What do you See?
Description: Artemis shows a target the reflector side of a mirror that she pulls out of her book, it being said that receiving a mirror as a present is bad luck, Artemis shows this to the target as if it was a present. On the words or even mouth movement of the question 'What do you see?' causing a magic hand to reach out of the mirror, grab the target and slam their head against the mirror, or course that causes the mirror to shatter.
Mana Cost: -40
Health Deduction: Medium

Name: Bad Luck: Ladder
Description: It's said that if you walk under a ladder you will have bad luck. Any attack that involves the opponent running towards Artemis or they're just plain moving, Artemis uses her magic of bad luck and an image of a ladder will appear just as they run under it. The reaction of that would be that a blade of solidified magic drops down on the target, since walking under a ladder is a reminiscent of the gallows though Artemis twisted it to another means of old execution use, the guillotine.
Mana Cost: -80
Health Deduction: High

Name: Bad Luck: Valentine Heartbreak
Description: Rumored to be bad luck to break up with someone on valentine's day, Artemis uses this to form her spell, Valentine Heartbreak. When this spell is used, a giant redish pink heart falls from the sky to land on the target. Upon impact, with target or ground, it explodes in a mass of little hearts that cling to a target(s) and burn in one intense feeling of heat, almost like a physical version of someone who had gone through a break up and took it bad.
Mana Cost: -100
Health Deduction: High

Name: Good Luck/Bad Luck: Mirror
Description: Similar to putting a mirror across from the door for good luck and someone else breaking a mirror, Artemis has twisted this superstition so that when she gets hit with a spell or attack, the one who used the spell takes the same damage, as if hitting themselves for Artemis is like a reflection/mirror which they 'break' (hit), causing their bad luck to be them getting hurt while Artemis has the good luck of them taking damage.
Mana Cost: -20+Opponent's Spell/Attack Cost
Health Deduction: Same as Opponent's Spell/Attack
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