Laharl "Demon Prince"

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Laharl "Demon Prince"

Post by Hollow on Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:42 pm

Name: Laharl (Doesnt Know His Last Name)

Age: 20 (Demonic Age)

Date of Birth: Unknown To Him (But its August 20th)

Gender: Male

Race: Half Demon and Half Human

Hobbies: Parkour, Painting, Fighting/Training, Not doing anything too.

Likes: Women, the clouds, peaceful days, Training, His Sword, gaining money

Dislikes: Ugly Women, losing money, his past,

Personality: Laharl's attitude is less impulsive but far more quick to anger; he is short-tempered, aggressive,
and stands his ground, characteristics that had mixed in his fighting style. He can be arrogant, confident, and determined When blinded with anger, he lets go of all reason and focuses on venting his anger. His words have bite, and he isn't afraid to speak his mind. He can be recklessness, he can be rightfully selfish in certain intervals, but not selfish to his friends or people he cares about. He constantly rebels against what he's told is his "place" and is a strongly independent individual. Laharl has little patience for people who seem to be bending his will or trying to confuse him. He doesn't have an extreme lust for life as well, not taking everything in with a bright outlook, but he does wish and desire one of his own with fervor. But with all of these negative personality he is still happy, cheerful, kind, at ease, and carefree in good company - even shown laughing. Laharl does care and would protect all of his friends, but if one betrays him in any other way he has no problem of ending their lives or anyone elses.

Height: 5ft 11in

Weight: 131 pounds

Eye color: Red Eyes

Hair color: Blue Hair

Hair Style: (See Pic For Better Explanation)

Outfit: Laharl wears black jeans with two red belts along the waist one below the other. He mostly seen
shirtless with just a black jacket. He also has a red scarf and his mother necklace. (see Pic for more details)

Extras: N/a

(Older one on the left, younger brother on his right)

Ability: Laharl as the ability of Dark Magic along with Light Magic, which he calls Twilight Magic. With his power he is able to use all of his skills and powers with Dark and Light magic.
He also has all of his father's demonic powers, as well as his strongest move of them all. Overlord's Wrath is when Laharl Laharl forms demonic balls of power which home in on the enemy. ((Might be Changed or Added Maybe..))

Birth of Demon: Laharl was born with a Demon Father and a Witch Mother, Laharl's father would always be away on some time of mission or battle, while his mother raised him along with his younger brother Haru. Laharl and his family moved into a human town since his father was being hunted they needed to hide and be safe, so him and his brother went to a human school Laharl would always be teased and taunted because of his race, being a demon and also a human, his appearance would always scary off the girls with his pointed ears, and would always be teased by the guys. His Childhood experience was the reason of his personality late in life.

She Actually Likes Me..: One day when Laharl and the other kids were at school and outside for recess, a new student went up to him, and they soon became friends. This was the first time Laharl made a friend in his childhood. Her name was Mimi, she was a human student like all of the rest but to Laharl she was special to him. They became close, real close until something happened..

Changes Everything: Two months before Laharl 13 birthday, he was invited to Mimi's house to meet her parents. But once there everything went wrong, her parents freaked out and kicked him out of house and threated him to never be near Mimi every again, that destroyed Laharl inside. The same day his father and mother died when they went back to visit their old home in the demon realm, until they we massacred with 250 other demons. Living Laharl and his younger brother all alone.

Becoming..: On Laharl's 15 birthday him and his younger brother traveled the world trying to survive by themselves. Until they reached a town for all refugees, Demons, witches everyone was welcome. There Laharl and Haru stayed and trained. His brother received much more of his mother's powers as for Laharl he receieved his father's demon powers along with some of his mothers. Him and his brother then found two witches which Laharl asked them to watch and take care for Haru, they agreed and that was the day he left his brother for unknown reasons.

Leaving and Returning: After 4 long years, of Laharl's journey he came back to the town he once lived to see that it was burned down and destroyed. First thought Laharl had was about his brother, either his brother died with the town or he escaped. Hoping that it was the second idea Laharl made a promise to himself to find his brother and to protect him. Laharl has been searching for his brother for over a year now and still no progress...

((Might Also be changed))

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Re: Laharl "Demon Prince"

Post by Crimson Moon on Sat Nov 06, 2010 10:48 am

My seal of approval

Isn't he cute ^3^


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Re: Laharl "Demon Prince"

Post by Areos on Sat Jan 29, 2011 5:27 pm

lack of attendance, graveyard.


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Re: Laharl "Demon Prince"

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