Ryuuma's Swords

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Ryuuma's Swords

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Weapon: (Sword)

abilities/effect: Hakujin is as hard as Diamond and can cut through nearly any substance. However it relies heavily on the users own physical prowess because a sword can not cut on its own. If its wielder is weak, then Hakujin shall also be weak. A spell that has been placed upon the blade at the time of its creation forces the blade to dull in the hands of anyone except its master, making it so that this sword will never cut its master.

story*: Hakujin is a weapon that was forged from the flesh of an Ancient Deity known as Izanami. It was given to the Doragon family as a reward for keeping their faith in their religion in times of great turmoil. It is widely believed that a spell was placed upon Hakujin. The spell placed upon it allows Hakujin to always return to its rightful owners hands if it should be lost. This sword will also never cut its master despite its hardness.


Weapon: Sword

abilities/effect: Hyoujin acts as a medium to form a spiritual connection to one of the three Gods of the Sky, great deities of his Religion. When activated, Ryuuma can manipulate the power of the Gods to his will, however the power of the Gods is far too great for mortal men to wield so Ryuuma can only use a fraction of the Gods true power. He is also only able to form a spiritual connection with one of the Gods at a time.

-Ameterasu, Goddess of the Sun: When Ryuuma forms a spiritual bond with Ameterasu, he gains the power of the sun, allowing him to manipulate fire through his sword for a short while. The flame of Ameterasu does not discriminate between friend and foe, so Ryuuma must be careful when using this ability, or else he could severely injure his allies. The true advantage of using the Flames of Ameterasu is that they are not natural flames, and because of that they are able to burn magical structures giving him a great advantage over those who use Magic.

-Tsukiyomi, God of the Moon: When Ryuuma forms a spiritual bond with Tsukiyomi, his blade gains what he calls "True Clairty." What this does is grants Ryuuma the ability to slice through Untruth or Illusion. Anything that was created to dull the mind can be cut by this powerful blade, however Ryuuma must be able to face reality in order to properly wield this ability. If his judgment is clouded and his mind is filled with Doubt, he will be unable to use this technique. True Clarity also allows Ryuuma to purify that which is infected by Evil. Basically giving Ryuuma the ability to cure infection and rid the body of poison.

-Susanoo, God of Storm: When Ryuuma forms a bond with Susanoo, he gains the ability to control Lightning, storms greatest weapon. However, due to the intensity of the lightning, Susanoo's power is severely draining and should only be used as a last resort.

The amount of power one can call out of the sword cannot exceed the amount of power the Wielders body is able to withstand. As a result, Ryuuma only uses Hyoujin against opponents he could not defeat without so as to increase his power by using his own power and not relying fully on the power given to him by Hyoujin.

story*: Hyoujin was given to the People of Ryuuma's homeland by the deity Izanagi, the father of the Three Gods of the Sky. It was given to the people in the hopes that they would be able to use this power to defend their homeland from a coming storm that would later wipe out the entire Islands population. Through a series of events it came in to Ryuuma's possession and he has learned how to use it well. however he has yet to undergo the proper training procedure to learn how to properly wield its power. Although he can call out a considerable amount of power from the blade, he has yet to master it.
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