A Forgotten Dream

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A Forgotten Dream

Post by Frost on Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:26 am

It all began with a letter, Vivi found hiding beneath her pillow. She was nothing then a mere child at that time and knew the world as much as she believed monsters were living behind her closet door. She curiously looked at it, wondering what was inside a single piece of parchment. Her mind began to sprout numerous ideas as her curiousity grew until she could barely wait. She recklessly opened the letter, tearing the upper half, much to her surprise it was nothing more then an ordinary letter with a giant circle sribbled upon it.

The sun was fading and the moon was setting, night took place as the owls began to hoot. Soon, her parents began to call her for dinner. Nevertheless, like any well-mannered child she quickly rushed to her parents, her tummy growling, hungry for food since, leaving the parchment inside her bedroom. However, unknown to her, tiny colorful orbs began to appear, they soared above her bed, dancing all about. Soon it began to intertwine with one another as a single figure liked lady began to form, ending it with a loud boom. The sound echoed acrossed the house with a sudden quake, luckily nothing happend yet this however badly startled her parents. Both were up and about, afraid that someone else was there with them.

Little vivi who was idly eating her favourite soup didn’t felt a thing. She blankly looked at her worried parents for a glimpse and was redetermined to finish her soup. Her father a daring young men, took a table knife as he began to ascend the stairs only to fell unconcious before a witch-like figure. The witch-liked figure was soon before them, her appearance still hidden within the dark yet her dark firey eyes were all they could see. Her mother soon fell to the floor from the mere glimpse at the witches eyes. Vivi thought both her parents were simply taking a nap after meals like they always do. She eagerly wanted to join yet her soup was only half-finish, remembering how mad her mother would be since the last time she went to bed without finishing her meal.

The witch-liked figure was somewhere near her, it silently walked towards Vivi with its eyes unwillingly fixed upon the little girl who somehow saved it by chance. Vivi took another spoon full, quickly gulping it down her throat. Her bowl finally empty and to her delight a beautiful witch like figure from inside a fairytale her mother always tells her during storytime was keeping her company. Ever since she heard that story she had dreamt of becoming a witch like her and her she was in the flesh. She jolted out of her chair with only the joy of happiness within her mind as she crashed against the witch who was completely caught off guard. The witches bossoms served as a pillow for Vivi. “Please teach how to be a witch,” Vivi said at the top of her lungs almost breaking the witches ear drums.

The witch stood silently without a word, quietly replaying this child’s every word in her mind, making sure that her ears didn’t decieve her. She nodded in replay with a smile, afraid her wicked voice might scare her off.

The witch flipped her wrist, a piece of parchment firmly gripped, appeared from thin air as she gave it to Vivi. Vivi delighted by this, took the parchment from her without a moments thought and slowly began to read the same scribbles she had seen before, but this time she was able to read it perfectly.
“Hello, little one.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Filia Vedouci Somnium Altertumlich, it’s rather long I know, but you can call me Filia. There are a few reason as to why I can’t talk right know, one of them happends to be a curse that was put upon myself and another is I fear that my voice might scare you off. Now, we don’t want that do we.
Well.... I think thats all I have to say about myself for now, I’ll tell you more once you’ve matured. Anyway, save your introduction for later since I already know who you are anyway, we’ve met before in one of your dreams, remember. I guess not but don’t worry it’ll all come back sooner or later. Now onto the most important part, could you perhaps tell me the reason why you would like to become a witch since alot of people hate witches. “

Vivi simply let it down, the cheery experession she had before faded into a deep thought without a single word from her as time slowly turned into a hault. A slight cough from Filia who was slightly impatient broke the silence. However, Vivi ran into her room and back, her hand full of drawings, handing them over to her. “It’s because my mother said I can draw runes.” She said in a proud tone.

Filia took her time as she went through Vivi’s drawings, impressed by how much talent her little mistress had. However, one drawing stood out from the rest, it had the same identical look as the magical runes which sealed her, as quick as lightning she banished every gruesome thought that came into mind. The atmosphere around Filia turned for the worst, as the lights flickr, soon fades into nothingness. The overwhelming bloodthurst which flooded the room soon rised to even higher lengths, drowning anyone with the misfortune to be caught inside. Her mind was a mess, painful, sorrowful images passed by, with each image carrying more pain and sorrow then the last. Yet one small hand brought her back to reality as she felt them careasse her with a warm, gentle touch.

Her concious came back, carrying alongside it was the tears she forcefully held back. She felt at ease now, knowing those pent of frustation were finally released yet the embarassment of crying before her new mistress haunted her.

“Miss Filia its okay to cry, my mom said its alright to cry since bottling it up would only made it worse.... what does that mean, miss?.” She said with smile despite not knowing the truth.
Filia nodded in reply and gave her the another piece of parchment, written on it, “One day I’ll tell you, now off to bed little one.”

Vivi took a deep sighed, obeying her without any fuss. She silently went upstairs, tucking herself in and whispered, “Goodnight.” Before turning off the lights.

Filia’s legs went numb, as she crashed downwards with loud thud. Her day had started of rough, with everything going wrong at the wrong time and the wrong place, she even had the pleasure to remember every tragedy that had happend to her. Soon she remembered that both Vivi’s parents were still laying unconcious on the floor which meant much work had to be done before she could take a well deserve hot bath.

Vivi laid there ontop of her undisturbed bed as she gazed upon the ceiling, cherrishing every moment that came since her dreams were finally becoming a reality. The witch from her dreams had just taken her underwings, though she hadn’t told her parents about the wonderful news yet. The bags under her little eyes were getting bigger, however the excitment from before kept her from falling asleep, making her felt quite uneasied about it.

The colourful orbs from before were still there, secretly hidden among her room. The bluest one withdrawn from the corner of her bed by the uneasiness she felt, came closer as it tries to help her sleep. The warmth it emitted slightly reminded her about Filia; it had the same strong yet lonely presences. Her excitment was being slowly replaced by the warm cozy feeling which told her to close her eyes and dream. Soon she was fast asleep with it by her side.

Filia who had finished cleaning the mess downstairs, stood still on the doorway as she leaned on one end, like statue. She didn’t dare to barge in like some ill-mannered guest who didn’t know her place. To her delight, the same tiny orb welcomed her in, she calmly walked inside, sat near the little Vivi and placed one hand on her forehead. She mummured under her breath, soon she started to vanish into thin air as she gazed upon Vivi with a worriedsome face.

Filia reappered in place filled with flowers, papers and even flying crayons. For a moment she thought she had somehow miss spelled until she saw Vivi drawing pictures in the centre of it all with carefree attitude. She couldn’t call out to her nor could she intrude inside someone else’s dream, however, with a swing from her wrist, a paper plane was sent flying towards Vivi.

The paper airplane safetly glided through the air, riding the windy trails left by the wind as guided itself towards Vivi who was completely absorded into one single drawing. Her mind worked in an eternal circle, creating everything from scratches and memories her drawings effected the dream as it changed with every passing minute. The amount of imagination gone to make this dream seem so life like made Filia gazed in awe. She had entered numerous dreams but never anything this big nor vividly real. The dream world was no longer an abstract field of colourful objects in a field filled with plain green grass yet, it was now small village, with everything one would expect to find inside one. The paper airplane was now gone without a trace as if it’s own existance had been erased from the dream.

Filia found herself in the middle of a crowd, minding they’re own business. She headed downwards, struggling to get through, bumping into people as shouts of anger followed behind. She finally broke through with one final push, taking a moment to catch her breath. She saw an empty bench near the side, heading towards it while she clenched her aching chest. Thus, the dream was slowly coming to an end.
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