Urgent mission: (whiteclass) - The light of destruction // Taken //

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Urgent mission: (whiteclass) - The light of destruction // Taken //

Post by Areos on Thu Dec 09, 2010 4:27 pm

Mission code: The light of destruction


- Spot Lumina and catch up to her (100 kyi)
- Find the place the supporter lies at (50 kyi)
- Defeat the supporter if he awakes (200 kyi)
- having the supporter turn into his final form ( - 150 kyi)
- Catch Lumina ( 250 kyi)

1250 total points available (including secrets)
950 max points reachable.

Required members:

1 Whiteclass member (Witchhunter only)

We have gained intel on a large gathering of witches planning to support an independant one on her search for a supporter, not only are we after this peculiar for more than 8 years now, but that she’s seraching for a very special supporter is reason for wory.
Lumina herself is quite talented in magic, and managed to outmanuveur many of out attempt on catching or killing her, taking the lives of several blackrobes along with her. Her element ist the sun, she uses lightrays to burn people alive, while lightscreens serve as an invisible defense.
We don’t expect you to catch her, even though suceeding in it would be very positive, but trying to halt her attempt to catch a supporter oft he mythical class, to be exact: she wants to tame a god. This has to be prevented by all means. She’s at the deserts in the west, godspeed! We put our trust in your performance.

(taken by lycan)

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Re: Urgent mission: (whiteclass) - The light of destruction // Taken //

Post by Crimson Moon on Thu Dec 09, 2010 9:04 pm

MINE +3+

Lycan acceptsh Nyehehehehehe


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