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Post by Areos on Tue Jan 04, 2011 6:33 pm

"hmmm..."Pelleas was walking through the large cantine offering food for Hunters even at late night, he was carrying a basket with several things in it, more like snacks and fruit, some choclate and easy desert aswell. Stuff that would work for a midnight lunch...or something.

He had visited his room earlier - apparently they had given him one on that very day, though it was comparebly shabby to say at least. It wasn't bad by all means, it was clean and everything, but it wasnt very large and even lacked a kitchen. To no surprise, they were more like hotel rooms than appartments, those started at blackrobe level earliest.

'i think i got everything i need.' he noted in his mind. 'though I realy lack appropriate clothing for anything other than duty...' he looked down at himself. His shoulderguards and breastplate were off, he had left his lance in his room and now only wore a cleaner version of his robes with just all the strengthening and equipment removed.

His valkyre was still on his back, it felt odd not having any kind of weapon with him, and she didn't look too inappropriate. He walked out of the entrance door and onto the cold night, shivering a little as he stepped outside.

"I think i should hurry a little." a nervous feeling went through him as he started walking down the steps down to toron.

>>>off to...


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