Makai's Illusions

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Makai's Illusions

Post by Makai Kasai on Mon Jan 17, 2011 2:02 pm

Styles of Combat


Name: Chimamira Kama no geijutsu (BLoody Art of the Scythe)
Description: The Chimamira is a style of scythe combat that combinds Scythe techniques with Illusions or . The most basic of illusions performed at first are just simple ones that hide the user but they can easily be sensed and broken. This style of combat desires to confuse the enemy with illusions before killing them with the scythe quickly. THis style is based for one thing and one thing only death. Generally a chain is also required to add long range attacks. The chain being used as a medium to increase the scythes range by spinning and throwing
Mana Cost: none
Health Deduction: Depends on the technique that is used

Name: Kama no odori Kichigai (Mad Dance of Scythes)
Description:Scythe Combat
Description: The Kama no Odori Kichigai is a style of scythe based combot that revolves around the use of multiple chain scythes. The style is used by the wielder constantly attacking the opponent with a chain and scythe sending the scythe or chain flying at them and once they retract they send another. The style completely revolves around using the chain to swing the scythe and send it flying at the enemy. From simply throwing it with the hand or twisting the chain around the leg and kicking up to send the scythe flying at the enemy. The chain can be incorporated to bind the enemy and then to strike and kill them with the scythe.
Mana Cost: make your own, mods will edit if they see higher cost neccessary
Health Deduction: High

Name: Kage no Jūfuku (Duplicate of Shadows)
Description: The Duplicate of shadows is an illusion based Scythe move. When it is cast it will make it seem that the scythe and master have seen to clone themselves and that they are hidden inside the circle of clones however it is a simple illusion to make it appear that way. The real scythe and the real master will be hidden in the shadow of one of the clones and at the right time will aim to strike the target down when they least expect it
Mana Cost: 10
Health Deduction: small to medium

Name: Kama no rerumu (Realm of Scythes)
Description: The user will start of by swinging there scythe with there chain. They will cast an illusion over the area to make it seem that when they spin there scythes numerous scythe blades will fly forward towards the target. The 'scythes' thrown will continue to fly at the opponent to destract them and when the time is right the scythes will spiral around the target and shoot forward aiming to impale only to vanish. At that moment the real scythe will fly straight at the opponent to decapitate them.
Mana Cost:20
Health Deduction: Small-medium

Name: Shōshitsu no āto (Art of vanishing)
Description: This technique will be casted when the user goes to attack the opponent. The attack will appear to miss however when the enemy strikes Makai will just 'vanish' into thin air just before the attack hits showing that they were never there to the targets eye. All they'll see when Makai attacks is there scythe not even the chain. The idea for this is for the chain to wrap around the enemies neck and be pulled to snap it.
Mana Cost: 50
Health Deduction: High

Name: Konran no sakebi (Cry of COnfusion)
Description: The cry of Confusion is an Illusion used with the Chimamira. it dulls the target(s) five senses of smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing. When usedit will also dull there ability to judge distances making things that seem further away when infact they are much closer. If the opponent thought an attack as 4 metres away and jumped back a metre they would find that the attack would actually strike them as it is much closer than it appears to be.
Mana Cost: 50
Health Deduction: None

Name: Kage no Ame (Rain of Shadows)
Description: The rain of Shadows is an illusion that when casted will cover the surrounding area in complete darkness for the enemy until they are unable to see. At this point Makai will be able to pick them off with ease unless they manage to break the illusion
Mana Cost: 30
Health Deduction: None (only when Makai attacks with hise scythe(s)

Name: Shi no kami wa jihi o shimeshite imasu (The God of Death SHows no Mercy)
Description: This is the final technique of the Chimamira. A powerful illusion will be casted to make it seem as the death god itself has appeared before the enemy. Thy will be surrounded by the darkness. The god of death will draw its knife and strike. However the knife will phase right through them. At that moment Makai will appear behind them and swing there scythe delivering a swift decapitation. only those skilled enough can break this illusion
Mana Cost: 100
Health Deduction: Very High

Name: Magen: Tenbatsu e jigoku (Demonic Illusion: Damnation into Hell)
Description: The damnation into Hell is an illusiin created by Makai Kasai. Makai will look into his opponents eyes to cast the illusion. Once caught inside his enemy will find themselves standing in a large underground cavern with a river of lava beside them. Appearing behind them will be the appearance of the SHinigami itself. They will find themselves being tied down to a stone slab and lava being poured onto them scolding them. There injuries healing instantly only for it to happen over and over until they break it. This gives makai the chance to kill them
Mana Cost: 200
Health Deduction: High

Name: Andeddo no kōru (Call of the Undead)
Description:When this illusion is casted the Target(s) will find that they have been transported into a large graveyard. Itll be pitch black and a thick errie mist will consume the area. The ground will shake as up from the graves the undead will come up from. The ZOmbies will head to those captured inside to devour them
Mana Cost: 50
Health Deduction: (Only when Makai attacks with his scythe)

Name: Burakku wa, gensō no bara (Black Rose Illusion)
Description: A low class ilussion that when used the caster will burst into a large number of black rose petals when they are struck. The petals will spiral around the area
Mana Cost: 5
Health Deduction: none

Name: Meruto (Melt
Description: THe Meruto is a touch based Illusion used by Makai. This illusion when it is used when Makai touches any part of his opponents body it makes it seem as if that part begins to melt away. If he touches them on the forehead however the illusion will take over there entire body to 'melt' them. But once discovered this illusion can be broken
Mana Cost: 10
Health Deduction: none

Name: Jigoku:Kōjun kaminari (Demonic Illusion: Descending Lightning)
Description: This technique causes the illusion of a large bolt of lightning falling from the sky into a designated area. Anyone in the area should instinctively flee
Mana Cost: 10
Health Deduction: none

Name: Mizu oboreru (Water Drowning)
Description: The Mizu oboreru is a simple technique that Makai uses. When he uses it his opponent(s) will find themselves beneath the water there feet chained to the bottom and unable to rise to the surface. Since this illusion plays tricks on them it makes them believe they are submerged head to toe in water as such there body doesn't get the oxygen it needs and they started to drown. Makai can use the illusion and pull there head up above the surface. he uses this for interogation
Mana Cost: 10
Health Deduction: none

Name: Kokuangyo (Bringer of Darkness)
Description: An Illusion which exerts an hallucinatory effect upon the eyesight, stealing all light away. A world of darkness, as if a thick, jet-black curtain had been dropped. No matter how skilled someone is, they have no option besides turning into sitting ducks. This effect allows the user to attack unseen. Although it negates sight, it does not stop the other senses. In essence, the opponent can sense, hear and smell out the user of the technique and break its effects by landing one hit
Mana Cost: 50
Health Deduction: none

Name: Kokuangyo: Dai ni-han: Mugen no yami (Bringer of darkness: Second Version: endless Darkness)
Description: The Mugen no Yami is a more advanced version of the Kokuangyo. Makai experimented with different Illusion to increase the power of the Kokuangyo till he was able to make a new advanced version of the Bringer of Version,. The Mugen no yami like the Kokuangyo uses an hallucinatory effect upon the eyesight, stealing all light away. However this version will not only affect the opponents eyesight but there hearing leaving them with only there other senses. Unlike its parent jutsu the Mugen no Yami break its effects by landing one hit on the user.
Mana Cost: 150
Health Deduction: none (only when Makai attacks)
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Re: Makai's Illusions

Post by Areos on Tue Jan 25, 2011 6:09 pm

Kage no Jūfuku (Duplicate of Shadows) - okay, to get this straight: creates copies of the user that interact while the user himself hides within their shadow and strikes as the opportunity arises. is that right?

Kama no rerumu (Realm of Scythes) - also known as "suddenly, scythes. thousands of them." i assume it just makes illusionary weapons fly around while one is real. I'd like to know how many illusions there are, area effects are usualy quite expensive.

Shōshitsu no āto (Art of vanishing) - sorry, but this is real complicated. clone attacks while user vanishes except for the scythe. then user takes invisible chain at the thend of scythe to snap opponents neck.

Konran no sakebi (Cry of COnfusion) - how many posts does this keep up? does it affect allies aswell?

Kage no Ame (Rain of Shadows) - a 30 mana blinding spell? it rather be one target and requirs good aim. I'd also scoop up the cost to at least 70 if it holds up for more than 1 turn, it makes attacks close to impossible to dodge if you cant get rid of the illusion (and that aint easy in the short period till your attack).

Shi no kami wa jihi o shimeshite imasu (The God of Death SHows no Mercy) - all your skills say they occupy the enemy with something and then get beheaded. Is there some kind of drawback? Considering illusion are pretty hard to recognize and counter fast enough. especialy with 1-hit kills like beheading.
(besides, a 100 mana very high skill? very high stands for special attacks that deal a mayor amount of damage.

Tenbatsu e jigoku (Demonic Illusion: Damnation into Hell) - okay, i liked it when i started reading. It does what illusions do, break the mind of the target. in addition its proven that if someone is realy sure he recieved burns, his body reacts and shows symptoms. And then you go and say you can 1-hit the user again.

Andeddo no kōru (Call of the Undead) - it's fine as it is.

Burakku wa, gensō no bara (Black Rose Illusion) - no objections, except the mana cost could go up a little (by 10-20 mana or so)

Meruto (Melt) - i expect this to cost the price for every turn, in exchange each body part (each arm and leg, torso) should cost 6 mana, 30-35 for full body melt.

Kōjun kaminari (Demonic Illusion: Descending Lightning) - basicly a fear spell, i'd go up for 15 mana per thunderstrike.

Mizu oboreru (Water Drowning) - you might not consider this a strong move, but if people think they're suffocating they can realy harm themselves due to iregular breathing, even leading to asphyxiation(realy suffocating).
cost up, seriously, the longer it's in effect the more dangerous it becomes.
I'd go for at least 3x to 7,5x the current cost. 10 Mana is too low.

Kokuangyo (Bringer of Darkness) - same as rain of shadows, just without the decapitation. rethink if you need the same skill twice.

Kokuangyo: Dai ni-han: Mugen no yami (Bringer of darkness: Second Version: endless Darkness) - lvl 2 of above. I somewhat like the idea of robbing people of their senses, though you should add a 'keeping up' cost on this skill like all the others. (like 10% of its original cost per turn and person effected)
btw, your way of explaining stuff is hard to understand sometimes. also: decapitations are usualy, you know... 1 hit kills? if you used an illusion to bypass defense and attack you would deal damage. If you attack an unmoving enemy its an execution.
Illusions usualy occupy the user to hold up, it no 'castet, now i do what I want' case. Otherwise you could use an illusion and shoot enemies into the head before they snap out of it.

My advice is maybe involving more mindcrushing techniques that exert the concentration and mental constitution of targets. Maybe going into your own illusion to torment them.


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