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    Kamo's Techs

    Post by Hellbreaker on Sat Jan 29, 2011 1:30 am

    Name: Mud ball
    Description: He uses an attack of a very lowlevel mudmonster and his palm pentagrams to generate a baseball sized ball of mud. He usually uses this as a prank or to pay back some one who was being mean to him, though if he throws enough, he can immobilze someone weak.
    Mana Cost: 10
    Health Deduction: none

    Name: Water shot
    Description: this uses his tungoe pentagram to generate a moderatly powerful water bullet, which is propelled the same way. Since it uses the water molecules in the air,he'll never run out of mulecule, unless hes in a desert or a blizzird area.
    Mana Cost: 30
    Health Deduction: Medium

    Name: Slicing monkey dash
    Description: A dashing martail arts combo, he learnt in the Firm before they sent him out on their final 'training' misson. He dashes foward, slicing rapidly with his daggers at blurring speeds.
    Mana Cost: 50
    Health Deduction: High

    Name: <Mimick>
    Description: this is an essentail little trick if hes gona go stealth inside a heavily gaurded area. He watches a gaurd or whoever going around for a minute, while having all his pentagrams activated. this allows him to walk,talk, and generally be completly like them. It even allows him to talk in full senctances, even though its in the persons voice. Needless to say,he aviods mimicking girls. That,plus he ussually has to knock the victim out. It lasts only for 2 hours.
    Mana Cost:30
    Health Deduction: none

    "Do the impossible
    see the invisible
    raw! raw!
    fight the power!
    touch the untoucheable
    break the unbreakable
    raw! raw!
    fight the power!"

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