Kamo's Fangs

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Kamo's Fangs

Post by Hellbreaker on Sat Jan 29, 2011 5:32 am

Name: Dual fangs
Appearance: large daggers similar to the stereotypical Bowie Knife.
abilities/effect: ......It cuts things..........,well, that, and they're made of an unique metal that is extremely durable and light. Dip them into hot magma ,they come out looking polished. But otherwise,they're just a cutting combat weapon. They're the size of short swords.
stock: 2,hence the Dual.
story*: He received these when e turned 6, to 'better serve the firm'. Since then,he's gotten used to each and every naunce of these unique weapons, and theyve pretty much became part of his body.He'd go nowhere without them.

"Do the impossible
see the invisible
raw! raw!
fight the power!
touch the untoucheable
break the unbreakable
raw! raw!
fight the power!"

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