Gloomy's Techs.

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Gloomy's Techs.

Post by Hawkeman92 on Sun Jan 30, 2011 3:34 am

Gloomy doesn't have much of an ability except for high endurance and fast healing but it does cost mana to summon Redrum and he has several ways of doing that.

Mana summon: Gloomy can concentrate his mana in one place to make Redrum form somewhere close to him which seems like he comes from air. Doing this requires alot of mana and he can only make Redrum appear somewhere close by but if an enemy is close to him he could make Redrum appear behind them.
Mana cost: 100

Shadow summon: Like mana summon, Gloomy uses his mana again but this time he sends it through his shadow. It harbors same results with the mana summon only thanks to the more limited range and the fact that his shadow is connected to him, the mana to summon Redrum is reduced.
Mana cost: 25

Blood summon: Redrum comes out of Gloomy's body without using any of his mana. Even though he is more powerful when he does this it decreases Gloomy's health.
Health cost: 75

Regeneration: When Gloomy is injured his wounds are covered by the same black stiff that makes Redrums body. Since it is the same black stuff that Redrum is made out of it seems to be his ability but that is unknown thanks to the fact that it happens even if Redrum is fighting.
Health regeneration: 10 per post

Reverse consumption: When Redrum is inside Gloomy, Gloomy absorbs him and heals himself extra fast. This is not voluntary and would happen even if he didn't want it to. It doesn't appear to hurt Redrum and it doesn't even seem to bother him. Since Gloomy uses Redrum to fight this means that this only happens when he is not fighting and doesn't have Redrum out.
Health regeneration: 50 per post only when not engaged in combat or has Redrum out.
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